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Don't have a lot of writing anyway. So please bottom line. Meantime, Governor Baker announced a new policy Today It starts tomorrow. People accompanying seniors caretakers of governing those over 75 to mass vaccination side state sites. Get vaccinated that same day as well. The governor also announced to new mass vaccination sites will be opening later this month one in Natick, one in dark myth, kids have been learning remotely during the pandemic, or at least most of the maverick least part of the time. And with February school vacation approaching, the Department of Conservation and Recreation is now seems some family friendly trip tips along with self guided adventures at about 20 State Park facilities. The full list is on the D. C. R's website. Some of those ideas include wildlife observation, history tours and scavenger hunts, 503 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic guard the threes. It's big trouble to the north today, Mike, is there a reason for that? I'm not quite sure, Ben. Yeah, but all the problems we had have been north of the city here. We'll start with 1 28 North found which is slow going for a while of to Woburn and reading coming up past 93 route 28 that was set up by an earlier breakdown in a bad spot and 93 north. Bounds. Finally better coming out of the city. A crash by Sullivan Square is long gone. Let's see. Rule one North bounds doing pretty well up to Saugus and Lynnfield in the upper end of 4 95 doing pretty well. Also. Now let's go to the South. Here. The expressway South is now backed up outside of the Donald itself. Bay, then Furnace Brook Parkway to the Braintree split 17 minutes Top to bottom. Not so bad nor found is good for those coming in. Let's check out that bottom into 1 28 now with the WBC news, radio traffic copter. Things look good here in the dead of the stretch. We're just crossing over Route one, and we won a now in the south outside, coming down from Needham and Newton looks good about 13 minutes to make the trip down and 95 in Canton. If you're on 93, nor abound. That's clear down to Braintree. But the south outside of 93 is heavy After you leave Braintree approaching the exits for reach 28 24 in Randolph. Christina in the WBC news radio traffic copter If I didn't mention it already, Route three South is backed up right at the top coming off the expressway. Now the Mass Turnpike is good for those heading West to 90 West is back to front a mile through downtown Worcester. Coming in past Route nine and in downtown, I said the worst of it is Storrow Drive, which is jammed up from the Longfellow Bridge into Lefferts Circle. My king. WBC's traffic.

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