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Pilot program underway in Watertown schools will now be implemented or Excuse me, Ah Pilot program that is underway in Watertown. Schools will now be implemented across the state to get kids back into the classroom. WBC's Paul Burton explains how the testing system works. They test students 10 at a time. I am the 10. Swabs of them collected and placed into a single tube and shipped to the laboratory for testing of all 10 come back Negative. The kids can stay in the school if they pull test result is positive. And all the individuals in that pool, our retested and the positive individual and any close contacts are isolated Quarantine. This allows classrooms to stay open Massachusetts Teachers Association says This is a huge step in the right direction. One of the state is paying for the initial round. Of testing to it actually tests everybody in large batches and gives us quick data to assess the circumstances. The state will make pool testing available for district's that choose to use the program. Within the next month, the state will fund again the first six weeks of testing kits. The Massachusetts Teachers Association is applauding the effort. As profit numbers continue to spike nationwide. Word now is that Fizer may not have enough doses of the supplies needed for second doses in the necessary time frame. ABC Zoran Shah has the story now wh show adviser, saying that second visor dose can be delayed up to six weeks. That's up to an additional three weeks from the original recommendation. And President elect Joe Biden, now saying he will release available vaccines when he takes office, as opposed to holding half for second dose is assuring the public. Their final dose will be there. A search is underway off Indonesia after a Boeing 7 37 500 lost contact with air traffic controllers today shortly after it took off from Jakarta. The BBC's Roy Gal more has the latest minutes after taking off from the Indonesian capital, the plane seems to plummet before disappearing from radars. The domestic flight operated by street, which I air was traveling to the island of Borneo Pictures have emerged on social media appearing to show debris. The jet is not 2737 Max, the Boeing model involved in two crashes that killed more than 300 people in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Tracking service flight radar, 24 says on its Twitter feed the flight SJ 1 82 lost more than 10,000 ft of altitude and less than a minute about four minutes after departure from Jakarta. A new airline tells over a dozen passengers quote choose another airline next time CBS NEWS Jennifer Keiper with details Alaska Airlines has banned 14 people from future travel after it says they were rowdy, argumentative and refused to wear masks on flight 10 85 from Washington Dulles to Seattle on Thursday night. The airline calls it unacceptable and says it has apologized to guests who were made uncomfortable. It also says to date it has banned over 300 passengers for violating its mask policy since it went into effect last August. Jennifer Kuipers CBS news One of the fame to ski Gee airmen. The first black pilots in the U. S military who fought in World War two has died from Corona virus complications. He was 100 years old. A peace truly, Walker reports the announcement of theater Lumpkin Junior's death just came from Los Angeles City College, which he attended. His death from the Corona virus was the day after Christmas and just days before his 101st birthday. Lumpkin was drafted in 1942 and served as an intelligence officer. Briefing pilots on missions in 2000 and seven the Tuskegee airman were collectively awarded the Congressional Gold medal. In 2012 George Lucas made the film red Tails about the Airman. Lumpkin is survived by his 99, year old wife and numerous family members. I'm Julie Walker. New Hampshire authorities are asking the public for help as they continue to investigate the death of 69 year old Cynthia Halloran, who was found dead on December 30th nearer walking trail in Manchester, a 911 collar reported finding a body behind the field at the Youngs Phil Baseball complex. Just after 7:30 A.m. the complex near the parking lot for the Rockingham Rail Trail. Police want to know where Holleran was before she died. We're asking anyone who may have known her whereabouts between 5:30 A.m. and 7:30 A.m. contact Manchester police While the investigation is ongoing, Randolph police looking for two suspects in a drive by shooting that wounded a mother and her son. They say it happened it around 11 15. Last night, the pair walked along Pleasant Street when police say A car pulled up fired shots and the car sped off. The 60 year old woman was treated at a hospital in Brockton for a non life threatening wound to her arm, the 26 year old son treated at a Boston hospital for a shoulder wound. Authorities say they don't believe the shooting was random and are asking anyone with information to call Randolph Police. It's 2 51 Make WBZ news radio part.

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