North Korea, Yellow River, Korean War discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist - Edition 1510


To sanction chinese banks for dealing with north korea so soul these the un resolution as a as a least worst option possibly jonathan the at will and bills absolutely right that the try try to all through this doesn't won't regime collapse in north korea it doesn't want and the key across the border from insurer it doesn't floods of refugees coming into bed sharia and above all it doesn't want the eventual reunification of the korean peninsula under the aegis of the south which would mean american allied troops on the yellow river which is what it fought the korean war to prevent as a dozen while that at the same time i'm very doubtful that china wants to get into any process in dealing with north korea in which it is seen to be led by the united states in it wants to keep its independence because its longterm a is to supplant the us as the main regional power in east asia and so is playing with a lot of bulls here at the moment the chinese the problem is that all the potential solutions that have been put forward to this crisis just don't work because of one side or alba that you've got in north korea kim has made the weapons program absolutely integral to his regime and now trump seems to be making of the fire and fury approach two to north korea into ruled a his presidency so we got two very.

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