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Face the pain to start off say, well, yeah, I think this is whenever you get a big change. This is a great opportunity change things around. So I I don't this like the current the way the UC's doing things now. But I think it would have been a great opportunity changed things. Maybe the graphics package would have been nice just so just refresh. Maybe there's a gradual unveil that their thing. But you think about just even the belt changing and how much of criticism that drew just from an aesthetic standpoint. You're like, I think sometimes when you if you're just going to do something, maybe you do Rippin the band aid. They here's our new platform or maybe you gradually do that. But I don't know what their intention is. But maybe we will see things as we go along here kid or two worlds because you're you bring the guy like, you know, Stephen Smith who, you know, somebody that's not used to watching this in other sports, go. Okay. I recognize that guy and we'll stick around for the broadcast right because it's somewhat familiar. We also gotta carry cater to the defense. I've been watching for forever. They don't want. The you have see that. They're accustomed to watching to be something completely. Different have a completely different experience. So it is a weird step. But I assume and I hope this is the case that throughout this partnership. They're gonna keep me changes. Here's the thing. It's like you brought in Trevor Wittman he was such a great addition was, but they think we talked about this on the Monday show. They haven't quite figured out how to bring them in. But they at least made that call having all the same production elements swapping the logo felt a little bit. I don't wanna call lazy 'cause they they went all out to promote this. But I don't know if nerdy here would you like them to go as far as maybe having like red octagon walls because it's the SPN era where remember you have C two hundred. There was the yellow Vesa go a different they kind of they did from Greg. I'm sure it was expensive. But you know, the kind of lighting they didn't octagon, Matt. I don't know some something like another twist. Here's what I will say no one's really talking about him in. They made the ratings that we talked about the television ratings robs the ended up being at the end of Sironi. But overall, you got to feel like I don't know that might be one of the more talked about flyweight fights. I can remember ever like think about it. Even when Dmitry is out there beating some of the more interesting guys. I don't remember having this kind of my car, and then the and then the controversy of the main event, I know it's cold comfort for T J dillashaw thinks been pretty good for the event. Like, it's everything expected about who having starpower, and then dillashaw kind of bring that up. We talked about this. And I think played out perfectly in that sense. I'll give them all been credit. They made a flyway fight bus. Biggest gonna be they promoted that However, I remember just going because I don't have cable right, but just going on YouTube like it was smell just going on YouTube. I could see like on the home screen those, you know, promotions about eight all over social media. So they did a pretty good job to reaching out. These also worth mentioning, you know, you had one have event in January this happen. Sometimes when you have one event and a month, you know, they will look, I don't even think it's a b plus a minus scenario..

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