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Us on Twitter shows at the instigators. Marty is at Marty Biron 43. Craig is at Craig Reveille 52. We're talking about everything here, but from Michael from his injury to Izzy back next year and everything else in between Sam Reinhart. Obviously we got to talk more about him. But we just heard from Casey, Metal Stat and What does the team do with him? Guys? I mean, where does he finish on your depth chart? Because And I know Craig, you're being funny. We're at the deadline day. We're talking about trades, and you're keeping Kasey and But you had said three months ago, I was helping him pack. So he changed me in every single solitary person from here to Timbuktu. And don't lie. Don't lie a few thing that you were one of the people that's in our cases in NHL player. You're definitely something there. People are gonna Oh, no. I love Casey. I never wanted to greet him away. You're crazy. There was 100% of people and what we have watched from Casey. Middle stat. From the time that he came here in buffalo at a very young age, and he had a solid He had a solid, okay, rookie season. But then there was, you know, he got some into the minors. He had toe work his way through and understand that this just wasn't going to be given to him. He had to earn all of the accolades and all of the time that he was going to be given. So when he showed up here and had a really good training camp from what I was told, Okay, he looked quicker. He looked like he was more engaged, not taking things for granted. Here's the thing. Ralph Krueger still summoned him to the taxi squad. He still was not playing. He was not getting the opportunity. Ralph Krueger had him on on left wing. Which was a joke, and I will go on the record and I will bring it back up. I said to you guys that Casey Middle Stat at the time was playing with Jeff Skinner, and he was playing with Curtis Lazar. And I told you guys back then Casey. Middle stat needs to be playing center because that's his position. This is where this kid needs to play. Go put Curtis Lazar on Right wing. Now you have a left winger. Now you have a right winger. You have Casey, Middle stat at center. That never happened. Until Ralph Krueger was fired. And the opportunity was given to him by Longer. Nadal and Casey Middle Stat started to play. He started to relax. He started to use his incredible hockey I Q and instincts. And you We saw what Casey middle stack and do and there's there's there's for me in the last 30 games this season. There's a future for this kid here in Buffalo. There's no question about it. What I saw from case he's only 22 years old, Just a kid. What? I saw you Middle stat. What I saw from Rasmus asked one, but I saw some cage Thompson not lying alone. I was very pleased with so under Don Granado. He had 17 points in 28 games with nine goals and he was a minus three. So it's pretty respectable numbers. The biggest thing Okay, And and if I listened to key symbols that doc, he says, the game slow down the game. Slow down. We hear a lot of players that they have a click that happens in their career at some point where they so the game finally slowed down, so that is very nice to hear. Because Casey is a playmaker is a guy that the puck comes through him. He's looking for a play to be made. He's not the guy that pushes the pace. He's not the fastest and he will never be. But he's got quickness, quickness in a short burst that I didn't know that he had so much, but he was able to utilize it like his 1st 23 strides quick, quick, quick, then moved the puck move it to the wing so that they can use that use their speed. Push the defense back entered a zone and then you come in again, so there's a lot there. Yeah, I did not know Casey Mills that had because the game hadn't slowed down from the game was too quick. He would get the pocket need panic and the games too fast and boom. We don't You think what he did in the off season? Do you not think what he did in the off season? Casey, Middle Stat when we when we drafted him, and I know he was he was, you know, 8 17 years old 18 years, turning 18. You couldn't do a chin up. Okay, So there's obviously a disconnect when you have Ah, 17 18 year old young man who can't do one single channel. Me That's a red flag. But here's the thing. He's taken time He's had to learn. He's had to take a step back, okay, and that probably hurt his feelings. But he grew as a young man and realized that if he wants a chance to play in the best league in the world, if you want a chance to compete against the best players in the world he needs to work. More away from the rink. I think when you look at him, he looks leaner. He looks Quicker Now he's never gonna skate like Jack Eichel. But he has a different skating stride. Okay, He's not overly fast, but he is very efficient and how he skates But the biggest thing with case metal stat with what separates him from from a lot of players is his hockey I Q and the ability to move the puck. To make place..

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