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Homered for the third straight game making his awful spring training look like ancient history fact or fiction otani will have twenty plus home runs and twelve plus wins this season okay twenty home runs twelve plus wins i'm going to say fact and i think he barely makes both but i think he does i'm gonna say he it's twenty two home runs this year and wins thirteen games now winning games is not a function of how good you are he's only gonna pitch once a week as opposed to every five days and the i don't even know the angels are off to good start at six and two i don't think they're a very good team so i think the winds will probably make what twenty four twenty five starts that's going to be tough but i'll you know what i'm flip flopping i'm saying fiction i don't think he's gonna get twelve wins i say it's all going to say twenty two twenty three ulmer's but only ten wins on the year he's not gonna make enough starts i think to get enough win so i'll say fiction but if i had changed twelve to ten you would save then i'd go i think he wins about ten and hits him i think he's going to be solid you know i think it'd be good i don't think he's going to be elite pitcher or elite hitter is rookie he's a rookie remember but i think he's gonna be a good solid pitcher and a good solid hitter so i thought coming in that's why slow thing and lastly a bald eagle landed on seattle mariners pitcher james paxton during start of the national anthem a few nights ago paxton barely flinched and let the eagle land on him fact or fiction if you were in paxton's position you would have let the eagle land on you as well fiction i would have been running screaming like a lunatic i those those eagles can dangerous see the clause my god i would have been i would have been like running like a scaring admiral no chance he was like i was amazed he froze i don't know if he was scared to or he's just calm whatever the hell it was but i would have been a nutjob i would have been running around like a loon on the field no you know what's true and what's total bs zach harper from fanrag will join me next right here but i start with the latest sports update here's john fass.

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