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This is marketing over coffee with christopher penn and john hello and welcome to marketing over coffee on john wall i'm christopher ben and chris in mobile studio this flashback to my taste of car recording there but we would seem to have everything that works for you well we'll find out what condition recordings see how it goes so the big news is it's gdp are week is just insane i got in bounced from network solutions google facebook everybody's scrambling to get things locked down and gdp are compliant before the week have had to do anything interesting this week or anybody stepping up the surprise to see it's really fascinating with the whole gdp are thing because it's like this law was passed into effect in two thousand sixteen it's only now the enforcement penalties are starting in two thousand eighteen that everyone's scrambling to be like you had two years to do this and you're waiting till the last minute the big thing that i notice this week that was in google's announcement especially was google saying hey we've updated our product up the terms of service here all the new gdp are controls that are available in google analytics and everyone's like well but because google like well you are responsible for turning on the controls that are relevant to where your businesses locate and who your audiences and no they gave you the they've done their due diligence they provided the right tools but they have not provided a lot of corrective guides like if you are a pizza shop in nebraska here's the controls are gonna work best few kind of put it out there and said do what you will and so.

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