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Our from townhall dot com the special says there were very few casualties from Tuesday night's Iranian missile attack on to rocky bases housing U. S. troops at least expert John Alterman with the center for strategic and International Studies says military analysis is needed to determine if Iran's intent was to send a signal to the U. S. or if it was to inflict major casualties the Ronnie and hit something the Walgreens try to get something in miss who do the warnings tried to miss something in math point of this was for the wrong means to be poor checked in to see we're not afraid but on the other hand would be afraid and desperate toward non confrontation with the United States if the missiles were fired secretary of state Michael pales as the US made the right decision to conduct air strike that killed Iran's top general for defense did excellent work and the president had a entirely legal appropriate and a basis as well as a decision that fit perfectly within our strategy and how to counter the threat of malign activity from Iran will drop president trump tweeted tonight all as well missiles launched from Ron at two military bases located in a rock I will be making a statement tomorrow morning thunderstorms and showers have brought some relief for firefighters battling deadly wildfires across Australia's drought parched east coast head of the national bushfire recovery agency and recalled and says so far the places of killed twenty six people we have I think hundred homes have been destroyed that's before we even begin to count the cost of out houses of shades of public places of schools the first answer the battle toll for this after began to merge on Tuesday the insurance council of Australia said the.

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