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Whisper. A lot of things that went on that didn't have to go. Magic's departure comes on the heels of ESPN report that he in coach Luke Walton have non spoken in weeks in at the tail end of a disappointing season for the Lakers who failed to make the playoffs for the sixth street time despite the acquisition of LeBron James. I'm Sierra Crawford at ten til Robert workman has more sports NBA. It was a night for farewells. In addition to magic saying goodbye before the game. The heat hammered the seventy Sixers one twenty two ninety nine and Dwayne Wade's last game before the home crowd at Miami. The team in the city pay tribute to him before the contest he responded with thirty points late in the heat one at all three times in four trips to the NBA finals, the only shadow on the evening Miami eliminated from this year's playoffs because of things happening in other cities maverick shaded, the sons one twenty to one zero nine the last home game for Dirk Nowitzki, and the German did not disappoint thirty points in game number one thousand six hundred sixty five for Dallas including trips to the playoffs. One NBA title for. During the gang in twenty eleven and another trip to the finals in two thousand six where he lost to. Yeah. D- wait in the heat. You remember that blazers edge the Lakers one of four one one just hours after Magic Johnson's resignation as team president. They were in the game all the way until MAURICE heartless drained a three from the corner at the buzzer warriors, ping the pelicans one twelve one three Steph curry left early with the mild foot sprain. He should be go for the playoffs. Another farewell in the big easy as Anthony Davis likely played his last game in New Orleans. Not nearly the kind of fanfare that we saw the other ones. Just the brow wearing a looney tunes t shirt, which read that's all folks, subtle jazz dunk, the nuggets one eighteen to one zero eight Donovan Mitchell meshes career high with forty six points, thunder nip the rockets one twelve one eleven Paul George at the game winning three with two seconds left. A Capela rally from down fourteen. Russell Westbrook posted his thirty third. Triple double of the season. This has got past the grizzlies one hundred ninety three Detroit was down twenty two before storming back. They outscored Memphis thirty six fourteen in the fourth quarter when it's done the Cavaliers won twenty four ninety seven stay alive. Charlotte needs a win. Tonight over the magic and the pistons loss at the Knicks to snag that last playoff spot any other combination and Detroit's in the playoffs rep doors cut down the timber wolves one twenty to one hundred Celtics slash the wizards won sixteen one ten and the Knicks outran the bulls ninety six eighty six New York will not set a new record for worst season record in franchise history. Their seventeenth win means that the worst that they can do is tie for the worst Mark in team history. Baseball on Tuesday. Mariners improved to eleven to best in baseball. They scuttled the royals six three Astros doubled up. The Yankee six three blue Jay snag the Red Sox seventy-five Boston defending World Series champions off to a rough. Start giants. Pounded the Padres. Seventy-two Braves barreled over the Rockies seven to one cardinal shut out the dodgers for nothing. Six hurler. Scattered seven hits Paul Goldschmidt Wendy reds reeled in the Marlins fourteen. Nothing to snap an eight game slide Lewis Casteel and Michael Lorenzen combined on a four hitter three red legs at three RBI apiece twins trampled. The Mets fourteen to eight six. Minnesota home runs. Two of them of Jacob degrom. Who's record-tying run of twenty six quality starts comes to a screeching halt. Angels off the brewers eleven eight Mike trial trout, let the game early with a groin injury Indian same. The Tigers to Corey kluber gets his first win of the year as obliterated. The Orioles thirteen to two jerks and pro far four hits and five. RBI nationals rallied from down six one beat the Phillies. Ten six in ten innings. One Soto built a three run Homer in extras, raise laser the White Sox. Ten five Austin meadows four hits and four ribs and the Diamondbacks. Got a walk off pinch hit home run from Jarrod Dyson in the ninth. They ding the Rangers five to four NHL playoffs begin tonight with five of the eight series lightning blue jackets islanders penguins predator stars sharks Golden Knights and the jets and the blues all on different rinks, otherwise, it would be very confusing. That's Wednesday sports. Thanks, sir. Seven.

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