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When I worked for professional sports teams. I can tell you this. There's a lot of locker rooms where somebody would have gotten a bloody nose or gotten their backside kicked if they caused the entire team to have to be sequestered, or I'm wondering where that responsibility comes the policing of inside the locker rooms within baseball. That should also be considered issue of business. Because professional athletes as much of their own a team. They also generate money. It is not a good thing because they could have compromised somebody else's money without their consent. That's dangerous. Appreciate a man good to talk to you. Always good to hear from you. You Khun get you? I'll take more calls at the bottom of the hour at 855 to 1 to four. CBS will get some more calls in at the bottom of the hour. And I appreciate you all being a part of things here. There is just one little parting thing I wanna say years. Antonio Brown's the story that won't go away. So Antonio Brown finds out that he's gonna have an eight game suspension. If he ends up signing with anybody. He's gonna have a minimum eight game suspension, and then it could be more of I don't know if anybody feels that Antonio Brown is worth it. Talent wise, he most certainly is an incredible talent. But does anybody really believe Then Antonio Brown is worth it. Worth bringing into your organization. If I haven't seen Antonio Brown do the things To tell me. I want to get myself right in the head. I want to get myself right in my heart. I want to get myself writing a position that I can be able to. Figure out What I'm all about. And get it fixed. I haven't seen that. And until I see that out of him I'd want no parts of them in my organization, and I'm surprised that so many people D'oh Like man. Why shouldn't Seattle bring him in? Russell Wilson wants him. Just bring him in. I think maybe because Pete Carroll smarter than that. And he realized that there are people who can tear apart your locker room. And all you have to do is let them in, and that's the problem. All right. We're going to get to a great discussion coming up because I want to know Kyle Glaser smart enough to tell me why in the world did baseball put together 60 man rosters that they weren't going to use them. We'll get to that. Next. The John Kincaid show, CBS Sports Radio. This is the John Kincaid Joe texting and rolls you into re occurring automated text messages, message and data rates may apply. Come on. One more right. You got this. There it is. Nice.

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