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Calorie restriction star with animals than humans animals for example at one post Bronwyn martin two thousand five or something. She took rats and she put them on at lebanon feeding twenty percent daily calories friction forty percent daily calorie restriction which is a lot Off or every other day fasting and shed both males and females so then she followed him over time in females. She essentially did vaginal swab and to do staging recycle. And so far as that goes the rats. With twenty percent daily calorie stricken there is no change in their ezra cycles the rats with forty percent calories direction and this was over a period of like four six months they shut down. They stop cycling and they lost a lot of body fat during over those months Then the rats on every other day fasting. They kept slightly kept cycling but there was some increase in irregularity of the timing between the cycles. But they were still presumably fertile then those she did all sorts of stuff she tested. They're learning and memory. Oh then interesting males. Even nothing forty percent daily calories so the males their sperm count didn't change and they didn't loses much bodyweight as females during over these months so then and she looked at act like this flood activity of the rats. Moving around the cage. Cajun the females. When they're on major calories Became very active. Like they're moving around the cage lot looking for food. Maybe so nine interpretation of this and we had like a few sentences in the discussion of the article. Okay in the wild. If there's animals are getting to the point of starvation so that'd be the forty percent colors. Friction other females. They don't want to get pregnant if they get pregnant. There's no food that support development. Their baby they shut down their cycling. They become more active looking for food. The males.

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