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In the old days that's fine you got away with it these days I don't let that go only certain to maybe she even Anderson didn't get the memo I think that's a problem Johnny Sorenson in the attacks on for the goals behind an app for permits Burbage waiting drops of golf shot is late in the front of the net being called similar got a late here this as well you will be a goal for power play at any rate whole smokes all of a sudden we get really out there looking for power play is brought to you by the Minnesota lottery for a little excitement just the Minnesota lottery see our play for the go first and also a chance to send another child with heart disease the Campo day and on behalf of Dan's right full full power play with one and a half minutes ago all the the Minnesota my stalker just sailed over top of the this is a grand time to tie this game sort of FOR Walker actress doctor takes another shop walked out in front and then lost it as a swallow sessenta for power play so far this year seventeen point six percent six in the conference we had a couple goals on will that help the percentage a little bit they're in this first power play unit Wally I'll tell you one honestly I'd come just to watch him play any water coming across the line drop to back for minors he takes it indeed goes around the goal of door to slash one stalker waiting what I'd say made by Napier I'm trying to get at the Walker but it's intercepted informed a little less than a half minutes ago golfers are gonna change out power play unit and still time if they get some giddy up here to get another opportunity Italy kill for awhile state they leave the conference at eighty six point three percent thirteen to the nation it's a Haynes before Gordy minors to put up those around his neck and then back wins one the fine sorry I ran to the photo was an even better move to get open to get this on all a little kid down there Ricky how or you think you're there you're in the same response the world's first world but that you came down it's for most of the day here there's just a bunch of kids well I don't think he's he's he's tough tough cookie I was right now he said leave me alone final fifty nine seconds to play here what's going on that's wrong yeah for sure you know there was a three one point three one point six one point nine seconds when the whistle blew and the the song lines would come over to the scorer's table right away just one point seven hammer shock golfers trailing the one nothing but a well played by Minnesota I do too very much so I I like I like this like this model like the drive there is a strong passing was good I always thought that was over issues to deal with that may be a chronic but today we're going to have a look at a shot she here pretty soon Wally but I think we're going to see a good array of shots for Minnesota for many many spots on the ice while downstairs with us right now Frank was just talking about somebody's good great there I thought for sure you were going to score but good effort down there I like the the games I think it is just enough to get a I mean he made a couple stops tell us a little bit about the strategy your what do you guys trying to do arguably the best goaltender in this conference like you said but I moved to a lot of I study the film and we're seeing that if you make that one then he also deal is not traffic stop one five to get that's a really good analysis but I'd like to look at the other side from the gophers perspective you guys are getting in between the two circles are getting some really good shots and and that's something that's been tough to do because Ohio state has been so good at keeping teams of perimeter yeah in the event a great defensive team all year and just kind of our playmaking ability and always played three top teams inside thank we want to do it they just kind of different styles of hockey is not our style so I think our get back to our style wait one more question of promises to be the last one just give us a couple of thoughts on what you're seeing out of the freshmen ten Myers thing that you're on is left wing tonight especially on it's a toss up between so I think it's between a lot better right now that is not a lot of that inside the room for the he's got all of the book and well this year well you guys have done a very good job here to start off this game keep things going on the watch for now you must be enjoying it out there three five two come thank you guys Blake McLaughlin giving is a very good analysis yeah well wait wait let me retire before you have this is great you know you're asking for a couple thoughts on Mars and what is the rattle off the I. Q. but that was I thought as a sick so sick to malice is this is great thank you very much analyze the need for so full of no one nothing it was a really good first very playful one of the better I would think find that we have seen from this team in a few weeks for sure if you don't mind I'm just gonna be that sort of.

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