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Having everything sync properly on a MacBook, you know, they're not really built for that really do need a PC and preferably a gaming PC or a piece Right video card with Nvidia GeForce 2080 or Twenty sixty or you know, something like they're in AMD graphics processor and took in a PC CPU that's multi-threading you need that and and people don't know how so what we're doing is creating TurnKey systems So when you buy our home PC when you buy our streaming system, it comes with everything including a Focus right audio box or you know, either focused right or you know wage was it studiolive is PreSonus or native instruments magic or black magic? I just asked actually I just partnered with black magic and I'm partner and what we need to do to is I'm not I know you can go buy a cheap for PC, but it's going to have a lot of cheap parts in it. Like I would not want to put a no-name hard drive off my rig that I'm trying to make money with so we're you know, really focusing on quality. Like we're using Samsung in Vietnamese the evos, you know what I mean? We're going to stick to those because we know that these are proven we want to build a tank that works that people don't have to worry about and yeah, we're launching that product and I'm going to change my name to probably Gates jobs Del. Your yeah. Have you been Gates Chapel Hill junior year at a time though where everyone is creating from home? And the ability to not have to worry about something going wrong is really high cuz your average person is now it's like driving a car that you don't understand what's under the hood anymore, correct? And and it really is been interesting whether it's you know, having the equivalent of Geek Squad looking over your shoulder to be able to make sure that when when your stuff goes down you're trying to stream it's you can't be fragile. So let's so how you back we've known each other for a couple of years and you always have something new afoot. How do you decide where to put your superpowers? How do you decide what's worth your time? So, you know, you'll have that running running joke. I'm trying to be dr. Dre to a billion dollars. That's my motivation. Right but, you know, it's all about giving back so I know the more successful I am In my Endeavors in the things that I do the more help I can give in the inner cities and the communities and that's really my driving force. But like I said, all of these things come easy to me off and I can like like today. I have a song that I'm mixing and I'm working on music and I'm finishing the website for goat, which I'm building myself and I'm building the first species myself. I enjoy this. I'm like Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory over here, you know, I got 3D printers. I've got laser cutters. I've got all kinds of things going on here. I just love it. I'm a mad scientist. Does it help that the mad scientist isn't travelling?.

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