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The deal I'm Carmen Roberts fox news the White House and congressional leaders reach a deal to increase federal spending and raise the government's borrowing limit the deal covers roughly three trillion dollars in spending over two years in which to spend the debt ceiling until July twenty twenty one it also reduces spending by nearly three hundred twenty billion dollars over current levels and it for girls state spending cuts and usually stop by the trump administration some fiscal conservatives aren't thrilled Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson you just need to increase the debt ceiling were suspended without putting forty structure forms of still house speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer in a joint statement say with this agreement we can avoid the damage of sequestration and continue to advance progress for the people fox's Sean Landel the deal must still pass both chambers of Congress and be signed by the president the justice department has a few words for former special counsel Robert Muller don't if when he testifies tomorrow on Capitol Hill and those words are don't deviate from your Russia report president trump's personal turning Rudy Giuliani says anything new from all our would be highly questionable I can't imagine it's going to go back and what he said before unless he wants to give away whatever is left of his reputation of I mean but I think he's gonna have a withering cross examination Democrats hope Mahler's public testimony will help them ramp up their investigations into a case of obstruction of justice against the president on Capitol Hill today the Senate is expected to pass long term funding for the nine eleven victims fund firefighters police and other first responders have made trip after trip here pushing lawmakers to sign off on permanent funding for nine eleven victims compensation fund we're confident when the bill goes on the floor for straight up and down vote senator Leahy and senator Paul is going to lose first respond or John field his lead that charge of advocacy fox's.

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