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Of my own I'm developing skills of my own I take everything that I hear with a grain of salt but sometimes at least steer you in a direction like I'll say all while everybody saying gold is going to go up maybe I should look at gold everybody's saying gold isn't going to go up so maybe I should look at gold but ultimately you have to make that decision for yourself and know what you're going to do where you gonna put your money or we gonna risk your money right well here here's the thing one thing that people might want to consider and that is the fact that if you are a traitor verses an investor investors are the people of like to watch CNBC all the. time and because they're trying to figure out where the market is going in general and whether or not their long term retirement accounts are going to be safe and that kind of thing and that's a very valid reason to want more information but if you're a traitor. you actually don't really care which direction the market is going. because you have an opportunity to be able to find your couple of stocks your handful of stocks or your currencies or your gave futures contracts will options whatever it is and you know how they work any in any market as long as the market is moving you have the potential to make money so the bigger picture although you're aware of it it's not really a factor all you need to do is find something that moves and get your little piece out of it every day or every other day and make some decent money if we were able to go back to the beginning of this whole segment right I could have said Chris I'm pretty sure you brought a few articles to the radio show like you do every week and before you read the articles let me ask you for the sake of the listener do you really care about the new. yeah because you are Chris is a professional trader obviously he's the senior instructor there at TA and you really don't care about the news like you say every week on this radio show all you care about is the market moves it if you if you have the knowledge and you have the skills and you have the tools you don't care really if the market goes up a bunch goes down a bunch just as long as it goes a bunch in one direction or the other yeah there's a lot of times where I'm training and say something you know go at the end of the day let's say a Netflix or apple or somebody like that roku is down seven dollars at the end of the day well it's very possible that during the middle of the day I took a bullish position and made my money on a bullish positioning got out all right we'll talk more about that and all of the markets when we get back from the break eight eight eight six one eight nine two four nine I want to write that phone number down eight eight eight six one eight nine two four nine workshops are happening all across central Florida this week three our comprehensive workshop valued at three hundred Bucks but you can go for free call right now eight eight eight six one eight nine two four nine get into one of this week's upcoming workshops we'll talk more about it when we get back from the brink. Rosberg.

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