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Because talk leaving tottenham who is a very stupid guy. He's got three council hurricane. There's reason to sell them. It wouldn't surprise me if he gets the set. Some of the first hurricanes dot and play and he has to stick around for the year but equally. I wouldn't be surprised. If mostly defined the breakthrough. I think the big problem that sits you guys if they're not going to pay the money. How are they going to persuade the license. Manado silva jazzy. red mars. All these plays a supposedly inviolable to tottenham. If i was any of those go them. Because they're not gonna win into even the ciampi league next season so it's really difficult to find a way that this get solved in the next thirty days just while we ask sticking with manchester media the manchester even use suggesting the approach for kane will not be financially viable if greeley's joins that suggests that they can only realistically sign one. The aim is to have two of them. But who would be the priority. Well the pet guardiola rates really almost as high as hurricane. So i'm not basically. Our case is very close. I don't think there's a case of one of your. I think city can get both the house both financially the find a way to find a way to get plays out the move plays on to deal to campbell ultimate. I the money. In they value differently tottenham so if the volume the volume. It's not happen here. Most of those two arkin. Listen i i agree with with have in reading. John relish very highly but right now cities bigger priority price. Aside is a goalscorer is not no finish especially since the departure of of kuna guerrero who. Let's be honest because of his injuries hasn't hasn't contributed to the way that you know he can or used to right. Now that that position is big avoid to fill they have players who can play similar positions to relig- stealing greeley shelter. That same same position for the england national team so without question hurricane for me is your priority at if you if you could only do one again. Money aside negotiations with dining levy. Let's assume that those somehow got resolved. Easily you go hurricane do try and get the to though how the heck can they afford both of them gills. We know that this summer. Maybe the next one is when she play as we were used on the show for many weeks. He's been loosen up. And i think that's that's probably an understatement to be fair so forget about f. b. completely at least for the summer so there's one trust the window where you can go crazy and do it. Is this one. And i think if you go for an i agree with you will find a way. They will find the money to make that deal happen. You can always overlook players after the likes of. I mean ryan sterling. We've talked a lot about the fight. He's frustrated by the oven. Starting negotiations for an talks about he's new did and he's going to years left covering one we admire is thirty now. It could be a market silva could be as well to let go. So there's there's a lot of personalities things that they can do and there's not forget they might find someone who's happy to go to spurs.

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