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Welcome into american today. Produced by the american ag network. I'm your host jesse allen. Last week i was able to spend time with the farm progress show in decatur illinois. I caught up with the incoming vice president for the national core growers association. Tom hegg we talked about a number of topics including starting talking about what's going on with the administration and some of the things they're concerned about in dc in conversation with your politicians back from your home state and all that because you know when they first brought this out all this is. Don't worry it's not going to hurt small businesses small farmers. We're gonna take care of them. Well as you get learning more and more no it they just major. There were stepped up. Basis is gonna hurt that farmer that wants to transition at farm down to his child to cat so he can continue that generation going on. I'm a fourth generation. Iv farm with my son. That's going to be the fifth. I wanna make sure he has that opportunity so we don't have to sell land off. Just three him to continue to farm. Are you here in some growers possibly transitioning that farm earlier and they want to right now to try and beat any potential policy changes. I think there's some growers doing that. And i also think there's This last Just in our area. A lot of land is all of a sudden coming up for sale by older couples. That are saying we're gonna sail now just so we don't have to put up with this A year or two or three years down the road of things we gotta watch and worry about their. It seems like moving forward. You know another thing to ethanol course and that's important to the corn growers and corn farmers across the country. And we know that there's some different Different things going on in dc right now involving around the rfs rb and and everything else there. And that's something that continues to evolve. It seems by the day and by the week tom. You know it's it's it's very interesting. Because american corn farmer we're saying why are people don't like ethanol it's renewable it's clean air takes out You know for the carbons and carbon dioxide. I mean we gotta cleaner air coming in that what we had twenty five years ago when we had the bad smog in the city's so we've cleaned that up more ethanol will use. We're going to get that much cleaner air but we're live with that every day. It's easy for us understand. It's hard for to get the people that aren't involved with it to understand how it much of a good product it is and it's also a cheaper product for them put in gas tank. What is if things according are doing right now to kind of help in the fight here against some of this pushback against that's an the one of the things we We did a You know that fifteen that the the judge said okay. The trump administration did not do some things correctly we would. It's not allowed to be used during the summer months. Okay we have a call to action going on to all of the people that are members saying contacting their politicians saying no everything is good with ethanol deserve. The vapor pressure is not that major major of a problem that they think it is. It's the same as an tan product. So it's not there so that is the main thing is with the grassroots organization. Get your members involved and get them. I'll make sure that the contact their politicians and then you know you mentioned with the veal you know. It's the voice. Set the at fifteen billion but it seems like we've always have a hard time getting up to there because of the small refinery waivers and that going on and now. We hear they might want to lessen that. Maybe down to twelve billion gallons. Well that's just Another kind of a slap in the corn farmers face that Ethanol is not as good and We're where we wanna prove wrong. And it sure going to impact our farmers bottom line. It's gonna hurt markets it could hurt demand A lot of things that it can do especially as you know. We're looking at another crop this year. Which despite some challenges in some areas especially the north western foreign belt. We're looking at another strong corn crop this year. We have another yes. You're right with that and you know once you start taking grind away. Okay we've got x. Amount of bushels of corn. And it's not going to be used if we we know. We can export everything because just We've have competition. And that's just part of the the corn farmers livelihood so we need to keep continuing have a strong ethanol and we got to continue to come up with some new uses that we can use that corn for just a g. Use up our piles talking about that corn crop here for this year Talk about your area. I know western minnesota and up into the dakotas. We've had our challenges with dry weather. But but how is that corn crop. Look in your area in my area. We were We we were into the d. Three so We up until a week ago. We had three inches of rain from when we start planting corn but Amazing where the the corn is on some heavier ground. it's It was holding in there because you we got a couple of key grains just to get us there. Are we going to be like we were in the past few years. No we know that. But that's why we carry crop insurance so there's gonna be stuff out there to harvest it just a matter of okay. Are we gonna have a later test. Wait. we're gonna have a heavier test weight that all adds up into the long scheme of things but You know last week we got three inches of rain. That's like i say double from what we had. It gives us a hope that we can. Mother nature knows how to rein in our area and we got to start looking next year already. We don't wanna have to be like some of the fellas up in the north dakota area where they had no moisture at all and it just dry dirt. Nobody wants plant in just dry dirt and hope things help or hope. Mother nature brings us a rain down the road. We hope that we can replenish soils for next year's planting season two and obviously you don't get in that crop out now hopefully there's not Too much tip or or other issues I know we've had some winds come through some areas too. so hopefully. there's not any issues with harvest here. This year and we can replenish. Soils going into twenty two. That's that's a very good point because that's the main key because we need the moisture coming in and it's dry In our area that the lakes are even down a lot. So you know that Everything's being used up and we need some moisture going into next spring and But you know. These crops are amazing that Every time they get a little drink how much they look better and how much healthier they look for that and then it can produce and all that these new genetics are just amazing while we'll cross our fingers and hope that Mother nature gives us some rains here as we get ready to replenish that soil. I think wait till after harvest so hopefully to get some of those rain so we can get in those fields. That's exactly right. We don't wanna be like a few years that we've had where your your mud and everything out and everything like that. No we don't want that we want to say get Get everything done. Get things wrapped up in. I think You know. I think harvest will start a little bit sooner this year. Just because of the conditions so I in in the long run. Farmers are always optimistic. We know we know what we're going to get and we're gonna say we're going to do better again next year. Well and lastly there's still a good price on the board out there right now for corn. Well that debt that is the main thing is that we have a respectable price and You know if we didn't have that right now we were looking like we did back in two thousand twenty. During the summer when price cash corn was down below three dollars. That helps nobody's checkbook. We'll take a five dollar. Roughly cash corn sale. I think a day tom. I appreciate the time sir Thanks to join me at the farm progress show. I'm sure we'll talk again soon. Very thankful for being here. Thank you for the work that you guys do to get that information out to the american farmer. That's tom hegg national corn growers association. This has been american today. Produced by the american egg network on jesse allen wishing you a great day..

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