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Here's Joe Lockhart, exposing really what this sort of hidden agenda against Trump is all about. The one thing that we we do have to, you know, sometimes lose perspective on this. And the largest perspective is we case has been built this week that the president was not much way elected. If you look at the Russia stuff and the campaign finance stuff, and the fact that forty thousand votes going the other way over three states, we now don't know. That's why this is important. It's not a campaign finance. It's not did they have a meeting and Trump Tower or some Russians is was he would shoot him who we elected by Lord. My Lord, they're tried everything. They're they're pulling out all the stops. They're doing everything they can to stop this guy and to remove him from office. I'm not sure they're even thinking about the fact that they're going to have Mike Pence as the president of the United States. Frankly, I suspect they figured. Go after pens after they think they're going to get through with Trump. And I admit this is a lot. I admit is a lot to take. I want to ask you a very direct question is the president going to thrive gonna survive all this. I mean, I don't doubt that he will. But I want to ask you on this Friday after a rough week we got Michael Cohen flipping on the president going after him viciously. He's a sleazy guy. Everybody knows he's a sleazy guy. I think he admits he's a sleazy guy. He was the president's picture. He's on with George Stephanopoulos. We've got we've got the clips from that a little bit later. But let me just start this hour by asking you here in the relief factor dot com studios. As we kick off this Friday Friday edition of our show will the president not only survive, but but. But will surpass all of of what he's up against? Or do you think they're gonna take him down? Let's just talk in term a stark terms of survival. He obviously is a survivor. He's been through a lot. He continues to go through a lot. He's a volatile character. He's a controversial personality. I'm certainly willing to admit all of that stuff. I thank God every morning. We don't have Hillary Clinton in the White House. And I mean that to anybody who says how do you support this president? How did you vote for him? I thank God every day that we don't have Hillary Clinton in the White House, full stop. That's it. And I get it. We got all the other stuff that comes with it. It is what it is. I want to ask you one eight hundred six five five Mike simple question is.

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