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The Senate is passed to the president has signed the first rotavirus emergency relief bill correspondent Ben Tracy has more from the White House this is not a time for small measures the Senate passed an emergency bill to provide paid sick leave and expanded unemployment benefits but a massive stimulus of a trillion dollars or more could be rushed through Congress in the next week to bail out the airline and hotel industries help small businesses and sent two checks worth at least a thousand dollars each two Americans in need if we don't contain this virus the entire economy is going to collapse here at the White House the president says he has big news to announce from the FDA that agency has been working on ways to treat the virus larger Republican Mario Diaz Balart is become the first member of Congress diagnosed with corona virus several other representatives and senators have self quarantine after being exposed to more than eight thousand cases in the U. S. with a hundred and forty six deaths while seniors are considered the most vulnerable age group there are new concerns about younger people catching and spreading the virus spring breakers in Florida for example and in Portland Oregon K. excels Blake Allen says cases are skewing younger and a sample of over five hundred hospitalizations a significant amount of those were between the ages of twenty and forty four even more alarming out of over a hundred cases admitted to the ICU twelve percent of those were between that twenty to forty four age range some millennials I've talked to are now expressing that they're more concerned now than ever with this does concern me all information keeps on changing Blake Allen for CBS news Portland Oregon Joe Biden has more than half the delegates he needs to win the democratic presidential nomination his rival his gone home to presumably make some decisions CBS is that o'keefe CBS news has learned that senator Bernie Sanders is now home in Vermont with his family deciding what to do next with his presidential campaign earlier on Wednesday the senator strongly denied reports that he was hanging it up saying that such talk was premature his campaign also denied reports that he was on the verge of quitting the calendar may.

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