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Her mama. Eyes that free phone by Tom Petty Matter of fact, it is isn get their stupid Toto photo. We haven't even begun to give away a II power play passes, though I play America. This is the races in East Windsor on New Jersey. One on 1.5. Is it? Danny? Sir Denis? Dennis Dennis. I'm sorry. My mama's smile and then exploit they spell it. Oh, like that is Leary. Oh, yeah. There you go. I knew that. You add vanishing everything you know. I gotta let you know the reason. Uh, part of the reason I was calling everybody has Theo, listen to the replacements. You were talking about a great topic a little earlier. Oh, yeah. Before Raymond Raymond was my wife looked at me and she gave me those googly eyes after his rand Ishan of Frank Sinatra's drive Me to the moon. Oh, yeah. Get this could be a good night for you, Dennis. Hey, was killer, but the replacements were amongst the best. Bands ever to never make it commercially, according to Rolling Stone, They say that they were the number one band to like. Kind of self. Implode. So take a look at the replacement and Paul Westerberg in particular when right now, why did that happen? Well, there's a book right now called the trouble, Boys. New York Times bestseller. Really? I'm looking at it now. Yeah, it's an interesting book. Uh, Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson. And Mars on the drums and Obstinance in those guys put out some of the best music ever. 1979 like 2000. Wow. Yeah. Take a look at the book Trouble, boys, and in particular you could look at Call Western birds 14 songs with independent stuff. But if you're gonna listen to one album by The replacements. Listen to let it be. Just like Beatles song. They did let it be like the Beatles. All right, I'll check. You know they didn't do it. They named their Oh, I got it. They named their album fourth album as far as I know that I believe is the fourth album after announcing called Hootenanny 83 84. Wow, I got into traffic. What's your category? Uh, I'll go. Whatever you got. Even real local guided me. I still got started in one time over at a local store. But I don't interrupt you. You know you could say hello. Anytime. You talking seventies or eighties? That's so eighties eighties. All right. I got to have a shot of what you got. I'm out. I get.

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