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Put it up to a final shots to warm up for the second half. David with a six point lead thirty six to thirty over the great Bluejays edge. Joe's again at a good hap is ever. Specially the big men inside Xavier had twenty four thirty six points came from in the paint. Tyreek Jones and Zach hankins eighteen of those twenty four points in the pay. Both of those guys were really good in the first half. And that's how it should be Creighton has the advantage. Relative to skill in three point shooting Xavier has the advantage of inside brute force and size in Xavier was able to take advantage of that. Now, they did commit seven turnovers in the first half. They're going to have to watch. That number Travis has about a a goal of twelve assists or less. They can't fall apart down the stretch here. Joe like we've seen in the past couple games where they've been in a great position. Similar to where they are. Now, only to see it kind of fall apart at the end buyer willing to keep an eye on the foul situation between of course, tyreek Jones in hankins. They have ten thousand burn up in a ballgame between they've already burned up five. Hankins just picked up three Jones has picked up to as you pointed out. So well that that is vantage the two big hammers inside. They can't afford to lose lose any benefits from either of those guys do the foul. Trouble on the four for the musketeers to start. The second half podcast will get the start along with Jones false Grottes Nashi Marshall, quit good. Start the ball game. Travis had started vote Jones Ian Hopkins, but I'm sure the foul trouble. That's out of the question right now to put him on the floor at the same time for the rest of the game. Scruggs with a pass or the right side of the wing into the corner. He tosses to quit Gooden was after the wing back to scrub. So given the right side quit good on the three point line the cow castle data Marshall Xavier working against Amanda, Mandy, fetch Marshall inside the top of the key throws. It left side. Intercepted taken away by ballot quickly across the timeline admits it his shots blocked by pulse. Drugs off the backboard Xavier rebounds at brings back down the other end their offense. Once again, that's a seventh locked shot for savior in this game. The only average about three a gain Joe since I was a great doubt protecting the rim. Greg good and top of the key at the free throw line in the lane. Stutter step throws up a floater off the iron. No, good falls off on the right side. Rebound ticket by Alexander. Good. It's to be more decisive. That was just kind of a. I'm not sure what I'm doing move jumping ear and try to create some at the last second that'd be more decisive. Thirty six thirty Xavier lease by six we played one minute. The second half looking for either team yet the score in the second half Joseph with the basketball outside the three point arc drives across the length. Finger-roll leaves a short rebound taken by crumple lobs. It back out for timeline for. It's caught by Benson. Who reset the offense for the Creighton? Bluejays Twenty-three on the shot clock. Now, he's out near the center, jump, circle, we have a whistle and a foul looks like Alexander may have gotten a hit or hurt possibly bleeding or so forth as the officials call timeout in a looks as though Jefferson will check into the ballgame. Alexander goes down to the end of the blue Jay bench to be worked on by their trainer. He sat out the game before last with an injury to his knee. It's like they're I don't know if he had our three on the knee over there looks like they're working on. Part of his lower extremity. But I'm not sure if it's a knee or ankle or wet. That's where the basketball hire the right point out the ballot straightaway at the point fake, slept drives rights kicks it to the wing into the corner. Coast immense bluffs, a three picked up nicely by Clinton. Good Gruden then. With a deflection off the knee. That'll be a turnover. Nice defense being played by the musketeers guards. Start at the second half a block. And now a deflection. An attorney over forced by Quin good thirty six thirty Xavier leaks. Neighbors got to get some offense going Joe to empty possessions on the first two times down on this half. You got to get a shot at the basket. A good shot went good and find the cutter marshawn a give and go his shot is blocked taken out of the air marshal caught that under the basket had to reach back out wide, easy block lob inside the crumple. He lays it up. Mrs it inside ball's knocked to the free throw line picked up by Paul struck Xavier entries. Transition Scruggs drives the ball's knocked out of his hand. He's fouled. You think he was in the act of shooting? He might have been. Beck ended up driving the left side again Xavier grabbed a long rebound. Paul scruggs. Did not hesitate turned and drove it hard left down. The left edge of the wings fans entered the wing eyecare Charleston classic flyway promotion now through March. I inner online at goes abor dot com slash swing for a chance to win a trip for two to see the musketeers plan to two thousand nineteen Charleston. Classic in Charleston, South Carolina. Pulse. Cross at the line for two shots. Bakes? The first savior leads by seven it misses the shepherd. So he goes one for to rebound taken by the Blue Jays. Seventeen fifty four to play first. Half miss lowers dribbles. Pressured by Quin, good entry pass left side of the floor with the basketball top of the key dimensions. Change of direction, slips and falls. Little his knees. Didn't call traveling Travis steal one of that. Didn't get it. Back to crop will working on the perimeter nine on the shot clock. Joseph with the basketball, spins in Elaine, kicks it out the crumple foster three four and a shot clock. Now, he takes a three point shot. Fleas a short hits the front of the bam. Bow taking on the bounce by quick good. Russia's it across the time line inside the top of the key is on the way. It is. No, good rebound. Taken by balcony. He's racing it across the timeline. He slowed down by Scruggs on the primary drives again. And we've got a foul called on polish grudge on the drive your change of pace by ballot. That touch like you're hearing stop by club. He's gonna retreat with that was nothing but a fake Joe that was the defense by tall Scruggs. He had his hands up the entire time valley throat right to his chest. Pros Scruggs still got the foul called on. He's still at talking to the officials. Like, hey, what did I do showing him? What he did? Now. He is both palms face it up as there's going to question. What question in the official? That's Paul shrugs. First foul of the ball game. Both teams with one found here in the second half long three on the way from Trump which no good long rebound taken beyond the free throw line by Alexander who check back into the ball game. After being looked at by the trainer. Top of the key. Joseph changing speeds drive down the left side of the lane loses it regained dribbles it again. If it was knocked out of his hands Joseph right side of the floor a drive by Jefferson pulls up outside the. Lane. Fires it up off the ram, and it's deflected by musketeer out to the perimeter right to the hands of the Creighton Bluejays you're treating back on defense. Meanwhile, three has taken on the right wing it scored by Joseph or that is a tough break. Right. And actually was retreating all five players Xavier head the basketball surrounded on the initial shot. Hit the front ramp came off low Xavier player reached up to grab it deflected. At after the retreating great Blue Jays. And they found a wide open three and hit it favors. Zil? Not scored a field goal this half thirty seven thirty three Xavier's league as you Marshall drives anxious shots blocked by crumple Nause tumbles to the ground. Meanwhile, Creighton breaks the other way on the left wing about passed off the hands of Joseph pass came from the right side of the floor. Fuck it must have had a lot of spin on it bounced right in front of his gym shoe. So he hit a short hop it spun rhinos his palms and do the Creighton bench. That'll be Xavier's ball thirty seven thirty three record one point. So far in the first four minutes of the second-half still looking for their first fill go. Oh of the half. Good good dribbling between the circles. Takes it down the lane throws up afloat or use it short. Another rebound breakout from Bollock, and he dunks it for two. Xavier may think about a time out here. They're leading by two thirty seven thirty five. But as you pointed out the offense. Without a rhythm to it. Scruggs takes it to the right side of before. He's picked up the dribble out to Marshall. Cow castle. You're in the low post Jones back out to quit and good and bluffs the three wants to drive. He's turned back now to castle shock lock right side before destruct. He's dribbled to the free lines of fossil anti stripped with the basketball back the other way too on break for the Blue Jays. And we have a Lisi layup on a pass by Alexander who drove it under the bucket. Look back to the free throw line found the trailer. Joe's Jefferson, foster tune Hannity. Lamp were tied at thirty seven timeouts been called fifteen oh nine to play in the second half. We're gonna take a break here. From the cintas center. This is your basketball from learfield. IMG college on seven.

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