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Do it for years. And years in years to come halen podcasters. This britney williams founder of brian feet foundation the first and only non profit specific to pediatric lymphoma in the world. If you're looking for a way to give back to the limiting the community why not support the youngest warriors fighting dima this august. We are hosting our annual fundraiser. and it's virtual so that means everyone can get involved for more information. Please visit brian's fee dot org slash gala that's b. r. y. l. a. n. s. f. a. T. dot org slash gala. It sounds cliche but it really was a life changing experience. You know it changed our life for the better And that's really really all. I can say we learned so much. We were able to have so many resources. We have such a great support system through you through rylance feet and this yell. Tease in general. It's just it's something. I knew we needed but i didn't know how to get there And so it was all like one beautiful present wrapped up in wine and given to us that. We're we're just so thankful. I don't know how else to to put it and i don't know if we can ever like repay this like i don't know i just. It was huge. It was huge for us. And we're just were beyond thankful or both glad. We're glad that both of you are there with hunter in making it a priority to learn more about his management is treatment options and creating new legacy for your family. Because that's you're going to change the trajectory of your family tree and for generations to come. So i think that it's not it's not a small seed that was planted. I think this is intended to be something not is supposed to be life changing In everybody has kinda you know. Said it's cliche and everybody you know how could four days be so life. Changing was one of the cameras Parents were saying they're like but it was In that that's all we ever hoped for. Is that the resources and the information in the support that can change your life. You know not being alone and knowing that you have people that support you in you can ask questions to. That's the missing puzzle piece to what every one of these families has been going through I'm glad that violence feet and camp watch me that we were able to provide that mother teresa says loneliness and

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