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Isn't that? Different parts of people standing the control and behind my compete. I think would be a you do. Well, when people walk into the studio I do. Oh, yeah. I. Attack everyone territorial problem. But anyway back to this game. It was a really good game. And I I was opening Rams going to win football for the eagles to go. Fly part intended fly into Los Angeles and get that big win on the road puts them back in the hunt here, and man, I gotta tell ya. The eagles. Look, they look great. I mean, you look great Smallwood ran the ball. Really? Well, I mean, they they're offers line had good push Smallwood Smallwood when I say real well two touchdowns at clubs time. So you only have forty eight yards buddy at ten temps as far as rushing and how about Jeffries, man. I fought Sean, Jefferies. Did he was he look spectacular not these? But he had some big catches him and falls connected. Well together. Well, that's the thing. Carson Wentz better quarterback. I mean, there's there's no there's no doubt about that. Right. And at some point they needed to stay healthy and play a full season. And hopefully, somebody can do in the playoff. It's not gonna be this year, obviously for more reasons than just one. But last night Nick foles in the game. Now, he didn't throw a touchdown pass the anybody. But he Now Sean Jeffrey have this rhythm than this connection. I don't know if it's if it's just simple chemistry. If it's there's different play calls an hour in effect because it's falls. And now when said those please are more in line with the way out Shawn Jeffrey wants to do things, I don't know where this comes from. But alshon Jeffery had more yards in the first half last night. Then he had any full game for like seven weeks. Crazy, right? And they're just they just got something going on that one long past plan. The heave down the field when no snag Laura's just as as alshon Jeffery. It's this weird dynamically early in the third quarter. Halftime. Earlier now dude in the second quarter they were late in the secular false to not one two big receptions by Jeffries, which led to a rushing touchdown by Adams was thirteen to ten with the eagles winning. Then I believe early in the third quarter memory serves me that was deep deep hot like a high a throat was in the air forever. If that's the one you're talking about would Jeffries had a big game. Right. Collins with almost passed out of the play. I'm talking about because it was he when he saw the replay of falls getting punched in the gut by sue I think as he he's releasing it, and it got down there, and they were wide open guys. Or I wish I wish that I could go to wherever I wish I was in Los Angeles last night. And I could go out by the TV truck while they live and have a big like Bush cutter bushes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like big ones and just chop the main line wire to Collins works, Mike really just want to shut us Mike now, that's just simply cut the wire. And then get back on a plane and head back to New York. I've just slice the wire and half like a ninja just drop in cut a wire. It's Dan that guy's delivery has work. What I know is credible health wide receiver back in the day for my friend, boomer size, and what the Bengals I know VAT? Okay, I'm very well aware of that. But I'm just saying I just just bring me some energy Collingsworth just bring me a little energy. That's how to manage and a lack of energy is you're critiquing. And that's interesting and his he's kind of got this like Swami, Alex. Well, the other guy Al Michaels, she's older than dirt. But that's a whole 'nother show. I don't know if you've noticed this. But they are all they're all in on the joke now at NBC. Did they did the slide, but he came from the other, and he came from the other side last night Collins, I'd actually. We've had a little sly smile and then to Rico at halftime sending him I like sending it back to LA said Al Christmas shell slide back in after this. There's so so they're all in. ABC's? Ah? That's funny stuff. Anything fun. Yeah. No, no, all seriousness right there. Very funny. Yeah. So anyway, so yeah, look, man. I think the eagles going in there. This gives them a plethora of momentum. Where if you look at the Rams, if you look at the pessimistic side of things the Rams now, you're thinking, okay. Wait a minute. Like what the hell's going on like these are the Rams that were like just destroying everyone nonstop. And you know, they have an opportunity now that they're gonna play too bad teams. He has the best news with the Aaron AirAsia, and then they host the forty nine or so in that case, right? They could finish strong. You know, what I'm saying and get their sea legs back under the meaning Goffin girly. And and all all their other weapons and McVeigh will get his get his team together. Because she can't doubt that they they've been a potent potent offense. Speaking of Sean McVay, the head coach of the Rams, let's take a listen here. Hey, he's talking about putting themselves in negative situations. You could just feel there's some things where we're taking negative plays on early downs. As a result of not executing. When you put yourself beyond the sticks. When we take. Some of the penalties that were taken. It's tough to overcome those against a good defense a good front like they have. And those are the things that we just can't do. And we gotta get fixed. And we got to figure it out. And you know, like, I said. Police we'll pick this up for his his. Mcvay? It took me weeks and weeks to realize what he sounds like everybody out there. And then men that I'm working with the man if you're familiar with an action figure you don't actually figure like don't call. Joe joe? That's what if like an action figure had like a voice box dot McVay talks like an action figure. He sounds like an action figure. I have said this about him. No. I don't think. So I was expecting to go in the other direction 'cause there's a there's an action hero. No. There's like a I hear there's like a nerd quality to his voice when I hear it not a growth of you ever, see significant other. He's not inert. No. I know. I know I know. Why? I'm thinking of the talking the little green soldier guys that used to come like in a huge box as oh. Like, do you get the five hundred soldiers? Yeah, they had in the twin story movies. They have those guys. And they all talk like started this. So I don't I don't hear that in McVeigh. No, no, no. But I'm saying like an action dot not little plastic dolls. I mean, does not you're talking about the El cheapo action figures about a bag of five hundred soldiers. Yeah, I'm talking about one action figure out if it's GI Joe like an action figure that cost you thirteen ninety nine. Okay. Fifteen bucks. Right. That's what he sounds like he talked like McVeigh things that we just can't do. And we gotta get it fixed. And we got to figure it out. And like I said, I gotta do better. But you know, I'm I'm going to work as hard as I can to get this thing figured out. And I know everybody in that locker room feels the same way up on this are they they wake back there. I don't want to be the team that do that. Listen to the quarterback of the Rams Goth on to correct. The mistakes we got two weeks till playoffs. And so we got two weeks to get it figured out. What do we need to figure out? I don't think it's much, you know, little things here and there. I knew better job, you're better jobs, all across the board. And it's it's nothing that we haven't done, which is the way to look at it and stuff that's so fixable. Well, I could figure it out for mister gov. Hi, never played NFL in the NFL quarterback. But I can tell you this much. What you need to do is bring the ball down a little bit in a red zone instead of phone. I like everyone seven foot nine, okay. The balls too high. I know that's easier said than done, but you don't see the great ones have this kind of consistency of lack of accuracy. And that's what we saw yesterday from gothic and I liked off. I'm not a golf hater. I feel like he's your quarterback. He's well, he's listen, Josh Allens my quarterback. Let's be honest. That's my man. You know? But yeah, I do I like I do like often. I do think he's going to redeem self like I said, I really think to get your thoughts. I do think they have that opportunity when they go to Arizona next week. And then host the forty Niners that they have a chance to redeem themselves and work on that offense. Of course, you're playing kind of lackluster sneaky team from the people who can see things that. I can't see when they watch a game the general the growing consensus seems to be the lions actually and your boy Matt Patricia in his staff figured something out. Now, the lions ultimately. We lost this game. The Rams nothing was thirty sixteen. But the game was tied into the second half enough into the food quarter. Right. Correct. And the thing lions did was not necessarily let Todd Gurley run free. But they stopped over planning for the run drop back into coverage without Cooper cop. And may Jared Goff have to make decisions now. Jared goff's had three straight. Lackluster games, the bears copied it and really to a next level last week. And the eagles followed up on it last night as well with better personnel, better success in the lions. And now, you know, the problem.

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