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NPR and from the listeners who support this NPR station it's All Things Considered from NPR news I'm Audie Cornish and I'm ari Shapiro Sri Lanka faces a pivotal moment the mostly Buddhist island nation spent twenty six years fighting a civil war that ended a decade ago when government forces defeated ethnic Tamil separatists but the war still vivid Estrie Lankan's go to the polls on Saturday to elect a new president and pears Lauren Frayer reports from the Tamil Hartland in the island's north on the side of the road in northern Sri Lanka women camped out in a protest tent and we've photographs at passing cars their school portraits of their children who went missing during the country's civil war possibly lay it on me castle can live roomy was sixteen she wanted to be a doctor Shiva Kumar was twenty he went to work and never came home where gentran Uday was twenty two when soldiers came at night and took him away his mother says there among tens of thousands of people mostly Tamils from the north who disappeared in Sri Lanka's civil war someone that demand these mothers hold responsible is the former defense secretary go to buy a Rajapakse he commanded the much feared intelligence corps when his older brother was president he's an American or at least he was he says he since renounced his US citizenship but not before he was shooting when US court for allegedly ordering torture rape and abductions here Rajapakse denies that and is never been convicted and now he's the front runner to become Sri Lanka's next president when asked last month about these human rights allegations Rajapakse laughed them off you are talking on whether the claim on the past noon the future yeah trying to become the president of the future Sri Lanka can you warm without addressing the past yeah sure Sri Lanka wants to move on from its bloody past and many voters want a strong pair of hands to fight a new threat this past Easter Islamist suicide bombers killed more than two hundred fifty people at hotels and churches Saint Sebastian's north of the capital Colombo was one of Max is have resumed here but a statue of Jesus is still pock marked with shrapnel in the parish priest father manager.

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