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This is necessary because in order to create a quantum computer you have to take a really special extreme precautions to not just create the quantum state but to preserve it so how special my talking about well the quantum computers that ibm uses are cooled to ten million kelp kelvin in other words or fifteen million kelvin depending upon which source i was looking at both of them came from ibm but once at fifty and one hundred ten milli kelvin is incredibly tiny you're talking about a fraction above absolute zero absolute zero is the point at which there is no molecular movement which is quote unquote colder than space itself to achieve this ibm has to use liquid nitrogen to get the computer down to a low temperature and then liquid helium to get it to an even more insanely low temperature and what did ibm used to create the cubits to the us electrons or photons nope they created what they called artificial atom gms they used a superconducting josephson junction what well it's a superconductor that's coupled to a second superconductor over a weak link and i really wish i could go into more detail and explain how this works but frankly it goes well beyond my understanding and i feel i would need to take a college course to get a handle on it in order to explain it properly so i'm not going to try because i'm afraid that if i did i would miss explain it to the point where i would just be giving completely wrong information feisty to say it's a man made component on a microchip that's paired with a microwave resonator the microwave resonator is what is used to communicate with the cubits and it's housed in this crazy looking metal contraption that reminds me of super fancy espresso machine that intern is encased in a cylinder that is a giant refrigerator to cool it down to these insane low temperatures now the.

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