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And humidity. What was the job? And what did you have to wear on this job? 1 802 831 to 1.5. It's 3 18. Here's New Jersey Fast traffic thank troubles Continue in Jersey City with a closure Trunk Road one and on on the north End side coming up towards the Hackensack River Bridge commit upon avenue of a Saturday. It's all because of a down pole along 4 40, which is closing one lane both directions between Clark Avenue. And commit upon Avenue. This report is sponsored by Panera Panera. Dinner is hot and ready to serve, Bring home Pinera's cheesy flatbread pizzas. Toasty sandwiches are creamy Mac and cheese will deliver your pickup availability and pricing may vary. Route one south of her bio posed road and Edison is a question one lane, another one of Woodbridge on Route one south of Gill Lane Parkway. North had won 40 B. It's an active and now on the shoulder. Stays heavy up to 1 45 South Bend Slow coming down to 1 40 35 South and Walters a crash at Sea Girt Avenue. One lane is blocked. Tom Rivers, New Jersey traffic North Christina staff, Though New Jersey traffic south on the North decided to 95 al through route 42. It's a crash and it's off on the shoulder. New Jersey Turnpike north after exit for its construction, causing a traffic shift and also 55 North, found out through exit 50 for route 3 22. That's an accident is in the left lane in the process of being cleared away at this time. Watch out for delays right now on 30 East out through a fair View Avenue in Winslow. All eastbound lanes are closed. It's a bad crash with an overturned vehicle. The westbound side of the road has one lane blocked by emergency activity. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next reports at 3 33 on New Jersey when at 1.5, Jersey radio. Keep it coming, man. Keep it Real New Jersey one on 1.5. It's time to enroll.

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