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Than 200 people can belly up, and while you may not be greeted like this. Afternoon, everybody? No. There will still be plenty of cold ones to tip back. Stacy Lynn, CBS News. Chicago's news traffic and weather station, news radio one O 5 9 and W BBM news radio dot com. 9 O 5 Sunday, April 2nd, good morning, thanks for listening. I'm juts Richards in his 36° in Chicago to mostly sunny skies today. It continues mostly sunny becoming breezy, milder, a high of 59, and the time mostly clear and breezy low 43. Tomorrow clouds and some sunny breaks along with a couple of showers mainly in the afternoon, a high of 61° are full 5 day accurate forecasts coming up at 9 15. Our topical story on news radio wbm governor pritzker is touring damage today after the national weather service confirmed 9 tornadoes touched down across the state plus three in Indiana, Nancy hardy reports. The governor's visiting the Apollo theater where a man was killed and dozens of people injured when the roof collapsed during a heavy metal concert. A GoFundMe campaign says Fred Livingston junior died in the accident, leaving behind three sons. Governor pritzker is also scheduled to tour downstate Robinson. The national weather service is investigating damage to assign ratings to the 9 tornadoes it says came through Friday night. It has raided several as EF one, with wind gusts between 86 and 110 mph. Nancy hardy, one O 5 9, wbm. Over a foot of snow has fallen in northern Wisconsin making some roads impassable in knocking out power to thousands, reporter Bruce Marcus has the latest from eagle river. The northern part of the badger state is used to snowstorms, but its rare when 15 to 20 inches fall in April. Its forced restaurants and other businesses to close, some roads are shut down. It's terrible. It's spring and this stuff should be melting. I'm trying to stay positive. While the weather's horrible. Ironically, despite the storm, snowmobile trails were forced to close for the season on Friday. Bruce Mark is for CDS news, eagle river, Wisconsin. This is not likely to be the last of the snowflakes to hit northern Wisconsin with two more possible storms in the forecast for the upcoming week. A CPS teacher is charged with stalking mayor lightfoot. 36 year old Garrett mclin faces two felony counts of stalking after a confrontation with officers outside of mayor like that's home earlier this week.

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