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The vaccine because their more susceptible to the corona virus so I imagine they're very curious about the procedures, the safety would you tell People Wanna ask? Well. Listen I like everyone else when when is see this pandemic come to an end in first and foremost You know there's this project called project warp speed which was. Funded through the cares act I'm basically getting additional funding into vaccine development reports have been out lately that this process of approving it has become highly politicized in. I. Worry that it will have an impact on the reputation of our public health are CDC IN FDA have had Unblemished Reputations in terms of supporting the safety of Americans, and so I'm just worried at that's becoming politicized. But aback scenes in the works we don't know when they're going to be an announcement but the bottom line is even with the vaccine is this GonNa be a vaccine like when you get for mumps where you're one hundred percent protected from getting it or is it know where you from other flu shots were you have a fifty percent reduction in a chance of getting it or that the? Symptoms just aren't as severe, and so we don't there's a lot of uncertainty around this vaccine and obviously were in a hurry to get it developed. But most importantly, we would be so far along in this pandemic in terms of beating Ed if people from the very beginning inconsistently have cracked the CDC guidelines of wearing mass social, distancing, washing your hands we'd First of all people think that wearing your mask is really to protect you it's actually to protect other people you're you have a greater. Probability of reducing the spread. By wearing masks rather if you're wearing it and someone else is not in their their infected, you have a lower chance of getting it. So this is really about a collective effort and it's wearing these masks to protect all of us so that we all can get on our feet. We all want our children to go back to school. We all need our businesses to open up. In so I just implore everyone in I know many people who are listening today have practice at but to continue to do that in the meantime, you know all push to make sure we have transparency and clarity around the back seen development But I, like many people in rooting for success. I hope that it is done in a scientific manner in we can trust the safety Abed in more importantly that people actually do it that Jake it take advantage of it when it is available absolutely that is that is good advice. Talk about the affordable care act. This has been controversial since it passed passed without a signal rebublican. Vogue Republicans have tried literally scores of times to to repeal that act I..

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