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It's time you can't little i mean you make took but it doesn't always your if you don't fix this broken bone in your spirit you're gonna straubel no matter what you matt you really got to say no yes it never get old yourself non the pick and on your mom deserve right now oh you know no we've we mean covering now and get a win so this is a spiritual thing for you guys you know it yet and and it lincoln yeah up and so that's what the two of you've got to look at this and go okay we make too much money to be just broke we've got our kid's future we got our future and we just gotta start looking rooney nor assumption stuff gotta be amputated the fact that you called unwilling to sell the top i was a big first that try so that's a good step but you have really and i'm here he is they weren't let me and you can our way out of this though because if you don't address this thing inside of you i no because i had the same exact thing is that i mean if i can smell it i used to but i thought you had to spin two hundred dollars every time you want to sam's club about us federal off about i don't even know what it did but i bought wine you know just because i do i figured i can out early much stupidity and that and that's arm recognize misses one lean on your not trying to pick on the okay i mean this is turning his well i just don't know you guys i've got so much potential are so many good things you can do with your life when you make that kind of money but it's just going out the door and there's you you have the financial hangover the sense of this since of arm outta control and i can't get in control and it's just all forwards nope it's it's not a fun place to live is coming hard on your relationship probably beginning where's supporting headed to it but it's a confidence back and forth in that like when dan lefevour you defender and great for the and clearly.

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