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Tigers, Los Angeles, Ronald Guzman discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


The mound for los angeles american league quite a topsy turvy affair in arlington texas tonight the yankees had a four nothing lead the rangers went ahead five to four the yankees roared back with six in the fifth but now it is twelve to ten texas that game is in the bottom of the eighth inning nomar missouri and ronald guzman with home runs for the rangers didi gregorius at his first home run since april twentyseventh neil walker labor torres and aaron judge all with home runs for the yankees the yankees have had five straight games they at least three home runs a franchise record boston leading tampa bay four to one as the red sox looked to extend their lead in the american league east in fact that games gone to a final the red sox have won that game by that four to one score boston actually a half game behind entering today's place or the red sox will go ahead if the yankees do end up losing joe kelley the win over alex column craig kimbrel the safe for the red sox you've got a good start from david price he struck out nine in six innings of work detroit over minnesota four to one michael fulmer gets his second win over kyle gibson shane green the save niko good room a home run for the tigers giants lost in houston because justin verlander was pitching yes a one oh eight era the only person who's got a better era in the majors right now dan jacob degrom burland over jeff samardzija margin the four one astros win ken giles the save george springer his tenth home run toronto leads the angels three to one that games in the ninth inning devon travis siniora's solarte's with home runs for the blue jays white sox are pounding baltimore nine to one that games in the sixth yoan moncada and adam angle with home runs for the white sox although news tonight that wellington casteel the white sox catcher will be suspended for the next eighty games because he violated the performance enhancing drug test seattle at oakland no score firstinning daniel gossip pitching for the as marco gonzales us for seattle at the coliseum here at city field tonight mets lose a heartbreaker to one to the marlins a one nothing lead disappeared in the top of the ninth inning wasting another solid performance from jacob degrom might be an early front runner for the national league cy young award but not getting much help in terms of wins because the mets have had a few of these games with him on the mound that turned out differently once he left the.

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