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Here we go nicole yoga's gets it in jamal murray picked up by breen is the length of the floor twelve turnovers for denver seven four the thunder barton has it behind the three point line in the painter yokich it'll teardrop voters and in nice pastime by will barton nuggets getting out scored twenty two to eleven points off of turnovers second chance points about even a green is has it on the high left side over the russell westbrook gets the elbow throwback breed is a three got two to ninety nine marie has it the other way for denver murray's on the high right side guarded by westbrook throws top yokich back over to murray back over to barton barton throws it on top on the coal yoga yoga chaz at ten on the shot clock in the corner to millsap bill goes to the elbow spin move throws at the corner devon three nothing but nets millsap wanted a foul there no whistle oh there was a was a offense to foul on millsaps takeaway that three pointers tough whistle there against denver stephen adams gets it into russell westbrook supposed to being a tie game oklahoma still has a three point league left side is brewer top the key westbrook westbrook's guarded by wilbert here comes a high pick from adams that got rid of barton barton recovers defensively on top to abriners arenas has the ball poked away by murray but the loose ball comes to westbrook shot clock winding down westbrook in the paint leans in runner bank no good rebound comes down to jamal murray denver's down by three.

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