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From beantown our you my friend heard but what do you have for our family he's to our news today well i assume explosive news from the coast of south carolina where the us air force explosive team add ashley evaluate what they called the old civil war ordinance said happened to wash ashore home what what young people like to metaldetecting find muscat balls and buttons but if you find any cannonballs you may want to be a little more cautious before you toss him in a bucket and throw him in your truck yes they actually had to destroy these on the beach fifteen canon ball surface from south carolina coast and they were detonated by the air force and this all had to do with hurricane matthew of course absolutely so who knows what my else wash up on the shores from the civil war maybe a boater to death well i'll tell you the other news is militaryrelated and night goes out to germany where they found the remains of a downed us fighter pilot i attended ben barnes disappeared and just samper of 1941 when he didn't return to is based back in england back at his hometown in miller south dakota this weekend they'll be bearing with honors this loss son who was killed overseas unbelievable all these years later a tell you this stories from the community said that he was quite a barnstorming flying around local school kids just watch him flybys so it's nice to see that he's brought home seventy years later yes you another world war twostorey we'd have very few people that say that they reported on the news but then actual cub reporter from england a hundred and fiveyear young clear hollingworth was a reporter for britain's telegraph back in 1930 nine when she broke the news that world war two had begun while the one who broke the story is a hundred and five still with us happy birthday claire speaking of longevity i always say that i need another lifetime to complete all the genealogy work i'm doing i'm sure you feel about the same area so we're in luck because researchers are now saying that we could potentially all live to maybe about one hundred twenty really jess so it you know you putting off all.

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