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It's so much harder for you so apparently trying to unionize i graduate since mike many universities across the us and that's very large part of it. We don't have a say in our contracts in the expectations in how much we get paid are how many hours were supposed to be working. Leave no safeguards for an advisor. Wants us to work hundred twenty hour weeks. We really don't have a way to combat batman so that's a large part of our unionization efforts is really just trying to take back some agency in our working conditions and really be recognized for the value that we have and the way that we contribute to stem and to the against I gross. we're always trying to redefine success. And i'm so curious. How has that changed for you at or when did it change. Why did it change. I think as i've grown in my advocacy and then my involvement is placed much value on my communities and addressing. The needs of others is like a selfish brat. Before but i think i find myself thinking about my community and people that i may or may not know but that i can help by stack shins that i can take and so i think chimi success is doing good friday people for me whether it's doing science and learning something that the world of know before or that is a helpful clinical use for example like a pharmaceutical or if it's educating on disability discrimination and there's so much you can do that really reaches beyond you and your immediate community can be such a wide definition are all doing good his success to me. Well emily this was such a pleasure. Oh my god. I've had so many. I opening moments and and i really really appreciate everything that you've done in of your work even personally and even in academia. You're always trying to figure out a way to do good and it's such a good reminder that could be your north star. I really really appreciate that. Yeah thank you so much for having me. If you wanna learn more about emily's work you can check out. Emily ackerman dot com. And if you learn more about folks with disabilities and disability rights you can check out the disability visibility project dot com pro boss. Radio is a production of i. Love created studio. Original music composed by this episode was produced by juliana clark the mining leonard christopher nolan and courtney. Cossack engineering was done by stephanie lar- with help from venus shah. Our editorial director is clermont's special. Thanks to taylor nor agency and kaley until next tuesday..

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