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More than two hundred celebrity scientist and Nobel Prize winners have signed an open letter rejecting the idea that things should quote go back to normal after the corona virus pandemic and arguing that we must instead stop quote the pursuit of consumerism now to be clear I'm not attacking them for their success or even for them enjoying it was lavish lifestyles what I am saying however is that I can't help but be irked by the lack of awareness that you have to have in order to sign something like this while you're sitting in an extravagant homes after all thirty of the super wealthy people who signed a letter had any real interest in stopping the pursuit of consumerism they would certainly have started with taking a look at their own habits in that area a letter recently published at the French publication le Mande states in part pursuit of consumerism and obsession with productivity have let us deny the value of life itself I don't play instead of animals and I have a great number of human beings pollution climate change and the destruction of remaining natural zones has brought the world to a breaking point many of these people such as Madonna Robert deniro Iggy Pop Christian Louboutin and I'll be crews and Jane Fonda to name a few are incredibly rich and famous Madonna for example is actually totally free seller multimillion dollar mansion and give all the cash to green peace if she wanted to no one is stopping her I'm actually with a net worth that Forbes estimates that five hundred and seventy million in twenty nineteen she can probably part with a lot of her assets and still lives far more comfortably than the vast vast majority of us could ever imagine I'm not singling out Madonna either because there were a lot of people on that list you probably haven't exactly had to resort to eating boxed macaroni and cheese and while celebrity network for example estimates Jane Fonda's in about two hundred million and Robert deniro a cool five hundred million what's most insane of all is the fact that Christian Louboutin signed this letter what is public knowledge that the most basic pair of heels he sells about seven hundred Bucks he doesn't hate consumerism he lives and breathes obsession with material status symbols isn't just acceptable to him it's actually his entire business model into the reason why he the child of a cabinet maker in St all mother was able to launch a business that made more than estimated eighty five million dollars today the thing is I actually think stories like his are amazing I'm not taking any of these people were having success or money sourced from a Madonna is worth hundreds of millions of Bucks which is also working very hard is incredibly talented I'm serious start to believe that like a prayer came out more than thirty years ago because it still gets me in my G. anytime I hear no their money doesn't bother me neither does their fate what does bother me though is the hypocritical virtue signalling they all displayed in signing something like this in fact it's hard to see it as anything other than an insult to the intelligence of the rest of us after all we're not stupid we know these people aren't shopping it we don't know because for example is in fact not sleeping on a bale of hay in an abandoned barn somewhere we also know that capitalism enter devotion to productivity are two major reasons why you're reaching your famous go out and live like you are you've earned it please at least respect the rest of us number ten that you're devoted to minimalist living after all if you really were each charged by trying it yourself.

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