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Question. Are you going to have to re accidentally because you say as far as scared because he didn't cite theory or a._j. Now you're talking about the reimagining rematch but wow there's been publicly. We all seen it right after the fact that he wanted to reach are you. Are you going to ask asked me a question. You ask the question okay. So why do well get a dollar theory. He wants to immediate rematch. Free does the water so i can't say wildlife scared. Don't take the fifteen million dollars flat fee and fight a._j. But he was smart enough to read his fucking remorse as close awesome on how that sound they don't they don't sit me so he's not in the predicament end era in right now so i can't say no. He was not scared because he was willing and able to go do it okay is afraid no at first. I didn't think he was <unk> of freight. If i want to no not at all i thank the way he he him his business. He's a screw businessman. Essential gotta respect 'cause. I got a major in business but society so he was afraid. I think all these guys. I don't think if you're a professional boxing thing you're afraid of anybody and i was just being facetious of about the b._b._c. She s exactly and that's all i wanna get. I wanted to get to you being honest instead of making jokes because i actually was wilder fred because wilder the wilder in my scenario is crawford right absolutely same same scenario exactly so my thing is when tyson jason fury fights schwartz we get on them when tyson fury fights older will wallin we get on them when a._j. Jay tries or announce a not announced but alleged to fight something. That doesn't sound right. We get on them. You know what i mean so i'm just you're saying had the same energy i don't think when when when when fury feis worse in a while we get on because we know there's a site that he you can take he can actually take. There's not a fight on p._p._c. Tears crawford can actually take those guys saying something. That's not true you you know. The donald siri has the time to cite wilder but he chose not to spout swertz. He fought while he has that blackhawks that don't have it. He can't fight go fight danny conglomeration on or earl or a because all those guys have said i got things on my side mystery. Danny is in talks with like he got a garcia according to see your video last night. All i'm saying is this. The examples are the the jamaican. I really strong amounting. Go here yeah. They're not strong because you rather rent for three minutes so that i i can't make my point but if you point your attention to the graphic is says the onta- wilder has decided to hand a rematch to luis ortiz necks rather than face tyson fury anthony joshua or dillion white so deontay wilder announced luis ortiz. He's necks right tyson. Fury for schwartz deontay wilder still fighting luis ortiz necks so tyson fury doesn't have the ability to fight deontay wilder so for you to lie and say that oh that's why our energy was different because he could afford no. He can't wilder announced his next fight knock fury so now that wilders busy furious fighting who's available totally the same scenario for crawford county. You can speak when i'm done like you told me. Fury it has to fight..

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