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But they couldn't quite get it. And candidate for Montas Mathis. The loose ball brought up the other way by Romeo Lankford and Indiana. Here's a kickout drive left side and a hand off on the perimeter. It's Durham gets it on the far side in front of the Rutgers bench Lankford now I'll chop shot clock is down ten for Indiana down to the baseline finishing underneath and all alone to finish it off his Justin Smith through banks at all pro teams playing man to man to start the help came that time and nice pass by Indiana to get the easy. Layup are officials today. Bobrovsky Terry Ymer and LA bought a Simpson and an offensive foul called against Rutgers. And it looks like. Got it against Iran says Mathis, and they did the math is says one of the things he's he's really played very very, well, Jerry averaging almost eighteen points a game. The last couple of games has really emerged as a force in this league. But he does get some silly foul early which hurts them Indiana in their traditional red uniform today, turn it over on the other end with white trim and white numbers and lettering is they simply throw it away. Justin Smith thought that Lankford was gonna cut to the outside. But he didn't Rutgers in their home whites with scarlet and black trim scarlet numbers and lettering. Her Shaquille dourson, right elbow to nothing Indiana with the lead a minute fifteen gone by right side. Ron Harper junior on the perimeter me up top of the key Harper junior pop three and berries. Patience and time by Rutgers moving to fall getting a wide open three on the other end. Indiana mix them pays to one Morgan converts in transition and lays it up at end didn't get back in time. Get back to rush is very very well. Four three Indiana with the lead nearly two minutes gone by here at the rack what the basketball Mathis out of the perimeter right side geo Baker Baker try to feed the post overrule couple of dribbles down to the low block right side. Turnaround, had the shot blocked ball is loose. It's kicked out and that's loose on the floor. Looks you comes away with it. Indiana does going the other way to onto Justin Smith will pull it back out. Right side. Tennessee thought about the three thought better bounce pass down low. Here's Morgan on the low post left against dourson kicks it back out finished C three. No, good rebound. Quickly. The other end for Rutgers great outlet for the mobile. Hurry up to Mathis had his shot blocked and call a jump balls. He got pulled to the ground, and it will be Indiana basketball. I five possessions for Rutgers four turnovers, not a number. That's keep paiko can live with. That's for sure. As we said the beginning of for keys to the game. You wanted to jump on Indiana. Don't give them confidence. Rutgers comes out onto to three quarter court press drops back in the man to man. Cross the shaded straight of New Jersey state of New Jersey and block are midcourt. Here's Indiana, bright side, Romeo. Lankford left side drive and a kick back out. It is Durham up top and a jump shot is buried by Romeo Lankford straight on and at six three Indiana. Very smooth player. Everything look easy. That's why they're thirteen NBA scouts here. Tonight. Maruti trebled drive and couldn't quite finish with the left hand. But he'll go to the line to shoot a pair. I get it on Lankford. That's his first with sixteen fifty four left here in the first half. Indiana has dropped six straight. They opened up the conference schedule at three and four they lost their.

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