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December twenty third nineteen seventy-one Hoffa walked free from federal prison after after serving four years. Nine months and sixteen days he was going home greeted by his wife Josephine. It was possible I never gave up hope. And my grateful thanks to President Nixon for making this possible has been home. The family the deal Lakhova out of the Union for ten years but he was not about to wait so he began work on a lawsuit to lift his commutation restrictions at the same time he met with mob bosses all across the country Campaigning politicking politicking. Trying to convince them that it's in their best interest to put him back in power. There muscle had served him well for thirty years. But but not this time and he realizes that the mob doesn't want him back that they don't want him as the president again and they're all telling him Jimmy. You had a great run and we love you and we'll do whatever we can for you in your retirement. Khaw had no interest in retirement or money the union gave him a one point seven million dollar pension payout with a message. It's time for other people to grab the baton and it's time for you to take a seat on the bench without being the president of the teamsters without being the boss of organized labor in the world. He wasn't who he wanted to be so he goes to plan. The HOFFA thinks if he can make peace with east coast crime boss and teamster Tony Provenzano that support. It could boost him back to the Union presidency. 'cause Provenzano controls the entire Delegation on the East Coast. You controls the voting block. That HOFFA needs to win back the presidency. A meeting was set on neutral turf and it was a bit of a disaster. Where you who had both men meeting in a hotel suite and Miami and supposedly grabbing hold each other and trying to choke the life out of each other before they were separated? So that didn't work new plan also goes on a media tour Going on a number of national television broadcast broadcast interviews with newspapers and it was a full fledged campaign to sway the public into sway the media. Uh that he needs to come back into the teamsters presidency and that his new mandate is to clean up the teamsters that he's going to go in there and he's going to get rid of all the bad influence organized crime influence. You brought him in the first place and you think that amongst the rank and file you're still number one. I would say there's no problem expression that I get from around the country problem. I think if you go out and check the average local union or the membership. You'll find this true. So will you make the prediction that Jimmy Hoffa will be president of the teamsters union again in nineteen seventy-six biting fight near it on my restriction which I expect my lawyers Tommy is Eighty five percent possibly. Yes expect that he was playing a card and speaking to the mob through the media and Dan Distant. Sit very well with them. They don't like being threatened. Here's former assistant. US Attorney Keith. Corporate you know after Nixon quite quite him and he found out he couldn't get back into the union he was gonNA take every effort. He could do that and in order to do that. He had threatened to reveal the mobs involvement with the teamsters You know the fact that say the central state South East South West area fund which funded about two thirds of the casinos knows in Vegas was nothing but a candy store for the mind and I think that a number of people from Frank Fitzsimmons and Iraqi teamster officials to organized realized crime figures who control locals significant portions of the teamsters union. were very apprehensive. About what half of my do at this point I believe Hoffa went to the FBI went to the US Attorney's office and made a made a deal a quid pro under the table. You help get V. Restriction from my commutation lifted so I can run in nineteen seventy six and I will give you information on organized crime and when I get into office. I will purge the organized crime influence from the teamsters whether Hoffa actually went to the FBI or it was merely a rumor. It doesn't matter. He had information to sell and believe that gave him leverage to negotiate but the threat to his former mafia collaborators cost him his life. That's the sound of Detroit's original steak and cheese Being prepared freshly grilled for you warm yourself with a fresh grilled tubby steak and cheese up today tasting is believing tubbies hobbies Detroit's original steak and cheese since nineteen sixty toppy says everything you need to make your party amazing tubby sub shops offers catering waitering packages for your office. Parties Earth Day parties special events. Enjoy Monster Party subs harvey platters Salads Wings. Just they gourmet cupcakes and a whole lot more hobbies cater your next party so you can have more fun. There's a tubbies dot com for all the details with Hoffa moving to get his old job back a violent split developed in the teamsters union in between Fitzsimmons supporters and those loyal to Hoffer Frank Fitzsimmons was handpicked by to take over the teamsters Union Hoffa Hoffa had been told he would get out of prison if he resigned as teamster president. The implication was that Fitzsimmons Fitz to his friends would. It's tough out when half a wanted him to but now fitzsimmons shows no inclination to do so. He is enjoying his new role as something of a statesman. Statesman and as President Nixon's main supporter in the Labor movement. At a certain point seventy four there was a anti anti Hoffa goon squad that was put into place where you had another former Hoffa ally in role McMaster. Who had been his number one? teamsters muscle a guy that was kind of like his Luca Brasi Godfather analogy but by nineteen seventy four. McMaster was no longer in HOFFA's corner. He had aligned with Frank Fitzsimmons and mcmasters was picked to captain. This anti Ah Goon squad which was tasked with preventing Hoffa's reelection by any means necessary and there was a campaign of violence that was launched launched against Hoffa where intimidation tactics and thuggery. We're used to dissuade him from running. And there was a a string of incidents starting in the in the Monson year before Hoffa disappeared where himself south his family and his loyalists. We're targeting whether it was George Rocky real getting shot in the face with his shotgun knocked his eye out whether it was I. I don't window His his barn was bomb. Whether it was Dave Johnson Cabin cruiser at his boat on grow seal blown to pieces. You then had what I consider a real lynch him in this whole saga of how Hoffa's Murder Got Greenland Woah July tenth. Nineteen seventy five twenty days before Hoffa disappeared. Frankford Simmons son Richard was was it. Nemo's the popular teamsters Bar Detroit at the time. Little fit says. He was known as running for the presidency of teamsters local two ninety nine running running against a Hoffa loyalist day. John's.

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