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Became an epic epa tell we ended up having to we built a 7'1 mixedage at our office and we brought in a sound editor before we brought him picture editor two years ago and we what we did was we acquired through the jane goodall institute 55 years worth of audio recordings and then began the inevitable task of of of trying to treat synchronized chimp sounds for for the phone and how close where you getting every when you were it would yet access these audio recordings did you have audio recordings of specific chimpanzees that match the chips in the fill we didn't have like flows voice per se but they were the film went was after we did our work the technical people came through and were like states tough on spa boy i had this financially to hire a sound at her for two years is lake it's really money if money so i got really liking hired some kitty just graduate from sc and paid him really nothing but it was his first job meant he had this fancy seven one room and he was stoked than settlement for two years and and he just put it food and under sifted some bananas and that i remember wade we hired the film was a we brought in the sounds energy recently disobedient the bees and he's a big hollywood guy and i was assuming he was going to sort of redo all the stuff at once he is high on the city's like you know i think we should keep josh on the project in maybe i'll just give him all the chip so getting access to jane goodall herself is not that easy thing she's a busy woman i told she's benz three hundred days a year on the road carry out the causes of her jane goodall institute and maybe via this film wasn't as big a deal to hers it was too you can you talk about what that interaction was like getting her on board the project i think anyone haruna makes films knows that it's a lot easier to make a film any film as a cleberation between the subject in the filmmaker.

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