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Assistance, as it could be something more insidious than just a simple headache. Now. I WanNa talk to you guys about the types of primary headaches, so I up Migraines, my old nemesis. Some, Migraines I one of the most common forms of headaches, but not all headaches or migraines. migraine is typically referring to a headache that is on one side of the head, but it can sometimes be on both sides. That headache typically last anywhere from two to seventy two hours. So this can last like three days. You guys and I have indeed experienced migraines. Have lasted that long. A lot of times eight is accompanied with nausea and vomiting and sensitivity to light and or sound. And the type of pain associated with this headache is generally a throbbing type of pain. There are a few different categories of Migraines, though so we have headaches than we have primary headaches, then Migraines, and then types of migraines. So within these categories of Migraines. We have some that are preceded by a warning symptom like an aura, and those are known as the classic Migraine, or also called the migraine with an aura. If you're migraine starts with just pain, and you don't have any warning signs then that's just known as a common migraine. Grain Without Aura, so I understand that can be a little bit confusing, because one is common in one is classic, and those typically communicate the same type of concept, but that is what they are called. So if you prefer to refer to them with the or a component, you'll still be communicating the same thing, but perhaps in a clearer way. Now. What do I mean when I say Ora-? Well a Migraine with an aura means that you have some type of sensory disturbance at the time that could be seeing flashes of flights or having blind spots or other vision changes, or even tingling in your face, or in your hands, so these are symptoms of what they call the Laura. And with the ARA, it's just the headache like it normally would be, and you don't have any of these sensory disturbances whether that is in feeling or in seeing. If you have one of these or the other. You're generally going to receive the same treatment, and you can try to prevent migraines with Auras with the same medications and self care routines that you might normally use for other types of Migraines. So with your migraine aura symptoms you usually you're going to get them about an hour or less..

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