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Dude i'm tire so why that is also how much how much all right give me the range of emotions instead of seeing how much fun because i'm sure a lot of it was fun but not all that was foes those terrible oh that will it will be there was great it was bonnet was awful it was exciting it was all it was an puree it was it was baseball it was a it was unbelievable oh my goodness i'm i'm tired as well i think i think other than a home runs and everything else that went on the best part of the night was the gentlemen's taking the ball from the girl who caught it on the first row of from puig's homerun you de through it back into the field i think that's the highlight of the night but again talk about just the resilience of this team obviously around these guys you know these guys well brig mean i've heard non nothing but this guy being borderline cocky almost a to the point where it's annoying but it's just a confidence that it doesn't really rub you the wrong way and when he came up in that situation i told my wife if anybody can do it it's this is this kid right here talk about age pregnant and how he can do that at such a young age oh no you're you're exactly right about alex bergman being that guy i've said it all year long shot this twinge of arrogance about on the kind of drives you nuts a little bit but you want them on your team um.

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