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No, not possible. Not at all. Yeah. Welcome back. Sports talk. Jason had a veto. 51283605 90. We are efforting on John Fields. Yeah, University of Texas Gulf coach. I think they have phone service up there in Hutchinson, Kansas, right in the middle of the state. I've been up there before. Beautiful little town candle sound here. We'll work on that. And we can abandon ship on this any time you like. Baker Mayfield believes in UFOs and the SAS Squatch. Yes. See this. Our guy has he seen him in Lake Travis here. Where's he seems? Yes, he explained. I guess the he tweeted about it A couple of weeks ago. I didn't see that. Maybe we missed it. Because Ben Clements is a big UFO believer. Your son? Yes. I mean, I'm not. Is he really? Yeah. Yeah. Jason. Just last week, The Pentagon said that that Navy footage was real real. You ever UFO? I told you there's betting odds. All right. The odds plummeted Woman in well, what was the bet upon whether or not we would we have four days left. They went from 500 to 1 to 50 to 1 that we aliens and they contact this month with us before. May 1st Time's running out to find make contact that what does that mean? I knew? No no. Um yeah. Her. Mayfield, speaking to Cleveland dot com, said yesterday quote I'm a firm believer in UFOs, UFOs and sass Watch. It's real. I saw it. I'm glad the Navy finally confirmed some more pictures. Now everybody doesn't think I'm as crazy as I believe, in quote. The truth is out there, Jason. I still think you know, I still think you're that amount of crazy. Um, let's see. Here it was March. The third. Baker Mayfield tweeted Almost 100%. M and I just saw a UFO drops straight out of the sky on our way home from dinner. We stopped and looked at each other and ask if we ask if either of us saw it. Very bright ball of light going straight down out of the sky towards Lake Travis. Anybody else witnessed this? Hey. Imagine Ben Clements. Sure they were the only ones looking up at the sky that night. I tell you what I tell you what I think they're there. I think there there he continued probe before him. No, I haven't. But I've seen close encounters of the third time. 15. Times continued yesterday. 2 to 2. We were driving home from dinner, just driving back home. Had the music goings one of those things. Emily was looking down on her phone in the passenger seat. It was nighttime. So when you're looking at the phone screen, everything's dark around you. Could only see the light, but it was bright enough to where it caught her attention to kind of just looked at each other. Did you see that? Yeah. Other people in the area confirmed to okay with us now on the sports talk live line, not UFO's. But golf. John feels is the veteran had gotten coach UFO's veteran head cough go to the Texas Longhorns. Tomorrow, the Longhorns go for another team title. Currently they're tied with Oklahoma State in Oklahoma. After three rounds of the Big 12 tournament today, the Longhorn shot a 2 72. They shot 22 shots better today than they did yesterday to climb back to tie for the lead Coach. Welcome back to K. L. B. J. How did your players do it today to shoot that to 72, led by Cole Amor. Shooting a five under par 65 Congratulations on a great day. Thanks that I sure do appreciate it. And thanks for having me on Come. Horns were really happy to be appear in Hutchinson, Kansas. The weather was Ridiculously difficult yesterday. I think it's a slight breeze for Kansas. But in Austin, it would be in blowing 40 miles an hour and that Z. Pretty strong was a tough day. Today was a little bit better. Cole got up to a great start, like all of our guys did, and they just kept their foot on the gas pedal and We got up there in a tie for first and one round left, so Great round tomorrow. Go long way, Coach Fields, Jason Daycare we met before. Don't worry, I wouldn't remember me either. It was the grand opening of top golf here in Austin. I was the you know. Yeah, I was the emcee. You were there that night. Great NBA. Great. Robert Orry was there and I asked, you tol value. Wait my swing on the fly. I put down the microphone and then I peered in eight iron 165 down the middle. And you said to me, coach. Was better than I was expecting. Which since that day I I'm good. Yeah. And you're equally good on the radio. Well, well, no. Yes, um, eligibility. He graduated from UT coach, but he's got some eligibility left. I was gonna tell you, Coach I Since that day have rested on my laurels and stop practicing. My game is played Toad. Do you ever tell any of the actual golfers at UT? That was better than I expected? Once in a while, that happens what I will say is that the best one of the day Um, when they get a fantastic golf shot But these guys, they're pretty good golfers. They They're matriculating up to the PGA Tour. They stop with us and get a great education and then hopefully go out and Try to hang with some of the guys we have out there right now, like a Jordan speed there, Dylan for Telly or Jonathan Vegas. Um, Brandon Stone. There's there's several of them and we were all excited about this opportunity tomorrow, but they have big plans for their future and they work really hard. Coach Fields. Thanks for taking the time. Vito here. Good luck tomorrow. Of course. Hokum. Tell us a little bit about like the Big three that are kind of duking it out up there. We got Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. A lot of bad blood betwixt the two brothers from Oklahoma. And, of course, Texas in the mix is well, just how much juice here doesn't make this push towards the championship. I'll tell you. It's been incredible Covert year. Um we knew going out the beginning of this year that these three teams would like to be in the top five. Texas Tech is great teams. And so is Baylor. They're not having their best tournament. That doesn't mean they couldn't have a great round tomorrow. But I originally thought that all five of those teams would be a top 10 selection this year and It's proved out for the three of us were actually in the top five, along with Oklahoma's ranked number one and Depending on what poll. You're looking at Oklahoma State's either two or three and it'll be a challenge and and there's really There's great competition. All these kids know each other from the time they're junior golfers playing on the American Junior Golf Tour or the Texas Junior Golf Tour, and they're they're good friends, But I can tell you they When they when they step on the first tee. It's like a fighter stepping in the ring. They need to be ready to rock and they will be This is a worldwide game and you just have to look at to see the three leaders in the medalist race. Cole Hammer, Ludwig Hedberg and Bo Jim Cole Hammer from Houston. Lewd, big ad Berg from Texas Tech and ends Low, Sweden and Bo Jin from Bang Beijing, China. It is an international sport, isn't it? Coach? Well, there's no question um The Gulf is a worldwide game now and A lot of these countries fun there. Junior broke programs to ah, large extent and create opportunities for their kids. Mom, Woman Turkey laid here to college golf. We've been the recipient of the recipient of that as well. When we won the national championship in 2012 Jordan speak was our number one player. Feeling for telling from South Africa was number two. Cody Gribble was number three from Doubt. Dallas, Texas and then we had Tony Ocular from Finland and Julio Vegas from Venezuela. So from time to time, we've got a team that might look a little bit similar to that. At this point in time. These kids are all from Texas, and they're ready to go. Watch what you're looking for tomorrow. I know that to 72. That was that That might have been the lowest you've staked shot all year. 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