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That was down over 500 points right now I'm Jeff claywell It's one 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s we have Rita Kessler and the WTO traffic center Well we have a variety of problems through the area and a lot of volume delays It's Friday it's the afternoon and everybody is trying to get somewhere Now if you're on 66 let's talk about the delay eastbound after route 50 before one 23 This is a solid backup all the way toward the beltway that within this delay in the area of one 23 is where you have the work zone in the left lane but the reason the delay goes all the way towards the beltway is the crash on the left side of the roadway Westbound may be able to see it they are slow from the beltway past the scene then you're finding the volume passing netly toward one 23 that is usually due to a work crew Now further west on 66 after 5 22 before I 81 it was a single left lane getting by that crash but after you get past it it looks good headed to I 81 95 looks to be just volume delays anywhere between Springfield and Fredericksburg to just keep an eye out for your slowdowns Also in Maryland if you're on the bay bridge the eastbound span of the bridge both lanes are open westbound however is running two way traffic So you have three lanes eastbound two lanes westbound no real delay trying to get to the bridge but we are seeing a delay on eastbound 50 near Raoul boulevard crossing the severn river bridge headed toward cape saint Clair keep an eye out for a crash that may have happened there on eastbound 50 also in Maryland the Rockville area 28 norbeck road eastbound at Georgia avenue all traffic is being pushed on to Georgia avenue due to a crash Eastbound river road between royal dominion drive in Wilson lane there was a report of a gravel spill along the left side of the roadway protect your home from the invisible destroyer termites call home paramount pest control for a free inspection 8 8 8 8 8 8 home or home paramount dot com I'm Rita Kessler W TOP traffic Not a storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore a storm team four weather alert as we're tracking the threat for severe weather that could possibly bring tornadoes to the region We have a tornado watch in effect for those living along the Maryland Pennsylvania border including.

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