Dr Nathan Newman discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


You can sign up for your free seven day trial check out the whole beyond believe catalog it's all there just head on over to beyond belief dot com server beyond belief dot com that is definitely the one to decide to go to it's all there for you looking for ways to regrow hair if you lost it this is a miracle if you were among the solidly unpaired and yearn for the days of that once that kind of hair here's some exciting news Dr Nathan Newman has taken his renowned stem cell research and developed reveal with a whole different set of ingredients including botanicals from around the world in plant based stem cells doctor Newman what type of results are you seeing with reveal most of the studies that they did on other products it took them two years to see some improve and in one third of the patients in the study that we did there was even less than six months we saw more than fifty percent of the people improve within two months how about success stories a lot of people would have problems showing me pictures after two months of use of the three months of use of the revealed serum on their scalp showing a dramatic improvement in the quality of their hair and one of the people was a woman who had lost her hair she used it for about six months and she came to me with a big smile as she goes look you gave me my life back and that's really why I do what I do because I want to change people's lives for the better and these stories give me the inspiration and the courage to go forward and develop new things bring new technologies to the market reveal great for all hair types build strength from within leading hair long lasting with the silky feel it's time to reverse the clock could get.

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