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And it's like, and now that relationship, he said, I don't want to race for you guys. It's really, really fractured. And I think that it's a battle of a driver doesn't want to race for you. What does that say? Even if you say, well, here's your contract. It doesn't exactly so seize for like a happy relationship in the future. So yeah, it's really, really messy. I do wonder if maybe seeing how things rumble on the next few weeks, everyone may say, right, let's put our arms down and talk about this and get something sorted. So people are as happy as can be. But I think either way alpena losing big time in this. But also for piastre himself, he's already a meme on the Internet. All the brands are getting involved. Isn't it? And it might not last forever, but he's a young, he's a young guy. It's not a situation that he himself would have engineered, surely. But yeah, I'm not saying he's a joke, but the situation is a joke and he's got his name all over it. It's not great, is it? And I saw he was liking the tweets about Mercedes were making jokes and putting funny pictures up and he's liking Ryanair did a really good one we saw. And he's liking those tweets, right? So he's involved in the whole situation. Anna somebody posted yesterday online a picture of otmar in 2005 in Honda gear because BAR Honda, Williams fighting over button who wanted to break a contract and move that went to arbitration or Formula One's version of that. BI Honda one and otmar was the head of the auto sport the motor sport division at Honda at that time. So none of these guys are new to contracts. This is not his first rodeo, and he's won in the past, but as you say, if a driver doesn't want to race for you, like you can't strap them in to the seat and say drive fast. So it's a real messy situation. And again, all the management has changed to understand. So that team losing Daniel Ricciardo in the way that it did the war of words that happened there, that was a messy end with their star driver at the time Daniel Ricciardo star was still very, very in the ascendancy almost because he had formed that team around him and was starting to do pretty well. He jumped ship to McLaren, all knew management at instant Renault Alpine name. And then if you zoom out a little bit just to get your final thoughts on this to sort of the thousand feet view, we've got other teams that haven't sorted their seats yet, Hassan Williams et cetera. And then the 10,000 feet of you, you've got VW group investment, possibly Audi coming in, Porsche coming into the sport. So Aston are talking about a 5 year plan to be championship winning team. So how do you think this is playing out in the wider scheme final word kind of Alex just your thoughts on this kind of this bigger setting itself up for the future and these drivers that we're going to have in Formula One, Lando, George, Oscar, this kind of next generation, everyone's kind of posturing to get those drivers in their teams. I think for Lando Norris and George Russell doesn't change much at all. He gets a drive, his talent will shine through. But what he really does cement, particularly the fact that Alonso jumped ship is things do not look good for Alpine because Aston is still rebuilding. It's doing its redoing its factory, a lot of investment there. And if we already did that, like completely changed the end stone base, people were talking about their years ago, came back to the team, couldn't even find their way around the factory because the buildings had physically changed so much. So if all that investment's gone on, and Alonso still thinking, why should I stay? The monies enough to tempt me away and this one's a building project. It's not an alpena at the front of the field. So ultimately, the whole situation, it's a disaster. And who could help you go racing with Luke next year if it's an Oscar for the ashtray. I mean, yeah, I've seen suggestions of Pierre gasly. That's definitely not happening. Why not, a French team? French. He's under contract with Red Bull and for alfajor and although there's no feature of him at Red Bull, then I think they wouldn't be looking to let him go, be the personality clash would not work between him and Esteban ocon. So I think that probably wouldn't happen. I honestly, I think Daniel Ricciardo, that would be my if I was going to say who right now will be racing for our P next, he's I say Ricardo is going to go back to end zone. He'll go back. He knows a lot of the people even if the top level management have changed. And I think that change also means that the wounds of healed from a couple of years ago. Half an hour has spoken and said that there would be no issue bringing Daniel back. So that I reckon is the most likely outcome in this. And some good seats on the grid, Williams and Alex Albon staying there, but no news on second seat. Not yet, no, but again, that is something that they were looking at piastres partner album for next year. Valves has not happened. And now I think they can look to maybe formula two Logan Sargent there, young American driver. I mean, that would have a big appeal for their American owners, but also for Formula One as a whole. I think that would be a that would be a good move if they went for it. Nick de vries is another option, the formula E champion. He's done an FP one for them this season. He was on the short list for last year before they went for Alex Albon. So yeah, I think Williams, they've got a couple of options, but if I were them I maybe buy my time and just see how this sort of Alpine McLaren situation plays out and if anyone falls through the cracks, they might say, well, it's us or nothing and yeah, do you want to keep racing in Formula One? We could offer you a home. Wow, wait. An

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