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They've all tweeted out because now this is a huge controversy in the in the fantasy leagues. If you play on ESPN all of a sudden, Taysom Hill, a starting quarterback, you could slap him, innit? You're tight, and it's a huge advantage. And if you're playing in this seriously, a lot of folks are not happy about that. That's pretty crazy. I didn't realize that this was happening. And now he still might. Is he going to still split some time, too? Don't re with generals. Well, that's the thing is, is Ian Rapoport and ice? I believe Adam Schefter there. Are there tweeted this morning. There's no Plan for Jameis Winston. There's no like James Winston Package. Taysom Hill. Look, remember, They gave him a big deal. Like a lot of people scratching their head. Yes, and I don't imagine that they're going to be throwing the ball like they normally do. What? I wouldn't be surprised if we see the Saints running off, and that's a little bit more similar to what we've seen from the Ravens. The last couple years. Like where? Taysom Hill and think about it, That's gonna be tough. Taysom Hill you've got tomorrow in the backfield. You can utilize Latavius Murray. And then you never know off of those. You can run some options where Michael Thomas is a threat. It's gonna be interesting to watch. That's the game. I'm really curious about on Sunday, falcons and Saints because I want to see what Taysom Hill can actually do as the starting quarterback, and he's my starting tight end in fantasy, and is your starting tight end boy, There's some major controversy brewing and fantasy falcons, by the way, coming off a bye. They've got just what I think. Therefore, there 331 Under most under a, um most ream me, Morris. They really should be for no. If Todd Gurley doesn't brain fart to foreign old divorce, it's the coaching change. That should be a good game this weekend. I kind of like the Falcons get the points. So who's the bleep off now? Sylvie? You're both bleep off, says that when we come back our guy Todd Furman, he is live in Las Vegas. He'll give us the latest betting trends of talk about week. 11 with us coming up Next. You're listening to Carmen in your co on ESPN 2000.

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