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And recapping that breaking story from overnight the Columbus education association says a conceptual agreements been reached on a new contract for teachers in the Columbus city school district a tweet from the C. E. a Twitter account says the agreement was reached after seventeen hours negotiations which ended just before two AM this morning the contract was set to expire August twentieth just two days before the start of the new school year again the Columbus education association says a comprehensive conceptual agreements been reached on a new contract for Columbus city school teachers newsradio six ten W. T. V. end to the live line and a real pleasure to welcome Major General John Harris the Ohio adjutant general we got a big disaster exercise coming up next week Major General a pleasure to have you on thanks Joe good to talk to you so we got to this exercise is called vigilant guard to give me an overview of what are you trying to do and what will people in in Ohio in central Ohio was C. as a result well which would garner bring together about thirty three hundred folks from every sector of the first responder community and our our intent here is to rehearse a response to a complex attack it'll start with a with a cyber attack and we'll move forward from there and we'll practice our inter agency coordination skills but most importantly will get those first responders out there in the field together to train at the craft I got you so they talk to me about a cyber attack because you know we did pretty fresh in people's mind other big breach of the hundred million people affected just last week so that's kind of on people's mind what is Ohio doing and what are we trying to protect well in this case it'll simulate I want to give away too much stimulates some damage to some critical infrastructure which is a real risk in the cyber community several so that will kick off a cascading effect of a number of things that our first responders will have to attack you will will will involve agencies from TSN to the Ohio department of public safety too cute department of agriculture so as I mentioned this will be a very complex exercise but it's intended to distress or processes dresser systems stressor our our folks so we can find out where the where the where the difficulties are we can move forward yeah improve and when you talk about that too I mean I imagine there's some prop you know what's coming so you can kind of get prepared a little bit maybe a couple of curve balls and then when you're through it how much time do you spend a kind of going back through it and figure out here's what we did well and here's what we need to work on that's a great point factor planning for this exercise is taken up to a whole year so so this isn't quite a while under development and the a a RP after us review process is a critical part of how we learned complete those cycles of learning so your spot on Jones we will spend not only at the executive level but after each each part of the event those folks who are responding there on the ground will get together hello still do after actual reviews on each event I will also do a corporate after ranch at the executive level again so we can continue improving and the late response rawhide which Major General John Harris our guests to talking about an exercise basically a disaster type exercise so when you talk about first responders I think most people a Major General would think about police and fire are they involved in will it be kind of street level type stuff will there be you know fires involved traffic accidents things like that will they be drawing on that well there will be a number of things involved there will be everything from from civil disturbance control involved hi patrol to you simulated river has made a vent on a river to to again as I mentioned the cyber event we will have folks training at the Ohio so fire academy and so there will be some simulated fires but what we're doing here shouldn't disrupt the daily lives of of folks of Ohio so let me see additional military vehicles on the road they may see more first responders on the partition mention police and fire but in terms of of of affecting traffic affecting their daily lives should have no impact I got you in says it's it's worth no because what I read other's gonna be activity in Franklin County Knox County licking county specific to central Ohio but other counties around the state now I I'm curious to know when you talk about you know thirty three hundred people involved in a up to a year of planning of that communication has to be one of the focal points because when you're talking about you know fed state local making sure everybody knows what everybody else is doing and who's really in charge that's got to be one of the key pieces of the puzzle isn't it absolutely at the tactical level the ability to communicate between agencies but also at the headquarters level at the higher levels at the executive level the ability to coordinate the flow of resources into the state if we bring it when this case will bring in National Guard units from New York Colorado so so the coordination of those things is very important but also understanding one another's capability so that not a number one we're we're not redundant out there on the response ice but also that we can provide the greatest strengths that each one of these agencies bring so it's very important and it's ongoing Major General John Harris the Ohio adjutant general talking about next week's multi hazard exercise a it just sounds so big I'm curious I know it's kind of late in the game but you're gonna need probably I mean you've got all the people that are working in drilling but are you going to be using like volunteers people that I don't know accident victims I mean you said you know maybe there's like a hazardous rivers something going on are there going to be people that are just volunteer in to to be players and to get work done that's that's that's a very important aspect of the exercise because we wanted to be as realistic as as we can possibly make it for folks so we've actually contractor that we've used a company a contract what we call role players yes Sir we they will be on site a couple leasing seven factors one of the locations there's funders and I can't tell you which one but the response will have to deal with with what could ever.

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