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So news that is eighty five percent cure rate included a thirty percent mortality rate did not actually come out to the public because this hearing that would cut short cotton that went on to work perfectly healthy so he he's fine now that is teeth remove knee goes back to work now he's back to work but things are never really the same after that in 1930 he was once again he found himself on on these scrutiny because of the high number of deaths from his surgeries i'm glad that keeps rearing its ugly keeps happening and at the same time the circle surgical method of treating mental and the start to fall out of favour as something called psychoanalysis picked up steam gone was gradually being pushed at a power at trend state hospital he responded by digging in and becoming more radical he had more radical he had the rest of his own teeth removed jesus christ's i made this guy is swinging and then he had all of his teeth he had all of his wife's teeth removes what did she do she was there loving is mary biz loaded tick lows as well pull up easily so then is less power so he opens up a private clinic in trim he was still with well thought of by the public so he continued pulling teeth tonsils removing gall bladders coghlan's services testicles and other assorted parts of now mostly rich people which i'm totally i'm with you don't mind i'm no i'm a huge like i'm a huge working class union guys that's what i came from so i'm totally into that in a so i had this part of me that wants rich people and i was up i tell you want rich people to be taken apart in little pieces snow any time well that that really is the difference though it obviously is it's like any time that someone is like.

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