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Against Tonio for violating Senate Bill. Four one of the most hotly contested laws to merge in the two thousand seventeen session of the legislature. You're new to the program legislature meets every odd number year for one hundred forty days about the head into one in January. It was the first time Paxton Sautin force SP four which requires police departments to cooperate with federal immigration. Authorities in allows law local police to investigate the immigration status of anyone they meet in routine encounters. A federal appeals court upheld the law in March quote, unfortunately, some UNICEF pouty such as sin Tonio put the safety of officers at the public risk by defying the state law. Paxton said, the court should grant our request for injunctions and civil penalties against San Antonio to send a message that all Texas cities muscle bay the law a lawyer for San Antonio disputed paxon's account of human smuggling on December twenty third two thousand seventeen and said officials were quote fully confident in quote, that city polices policies polices that. Sorry Abernethy and been school district that city policies and police chief William McManus did not volleyed as before. S before let's see attorney general seek court ordered penalties of one hundred one thousand five hundred plus an additional twenty five thousand five hundred per day for continuing violations of the state law lawsuit seeks one thousand five hundred dollar fines against McManus and the police department for events of December twenty third two thousand seventeen passes lawsuit also argued that San Antonio should be fined at least twenty five thousand dollars for every day since a police department policy was adopted on September one two thousand seventeen that quote, prohibits his officers from referring to immigration authorities. Unless the person has a federal deportation warrant the policy improperly limits. The ability of officers too. Sorry to comply with federal immigration laws in violation with s before the lawsuit are us. So there you've got the attorney general putting his foot down in the first time on sanctuary cities and see where that goes just my whole apprehension with sanctuary cities was in its Charles Perry. State Senator out of Lubbock who put that up. And you gotta hope if you're Charles Perry that the. He Torney general doesn't go look at dairy production counties in his district or doesn't go. Look it, you know, and I'm not making a claim that agricultural producers, our sanctuary cities sanctuary rural metropolises as it were. But maybe he focuses on the big cities, which may be wide. Charles Perry put it up, but no less. That's the case that stands before us which stood before me this morning at six AM was whether or not to get the boys when it hit up in. I got the boys up the Leeson boys, and they had their little jerseys on they really the watch the conclusion that Thursday night football because they can't stay up past halftime when Thursday night football on. And boy were they delighted in the Cowboys. Listen, I think that the Cowboys or going to this. My prediction gonna make. The playoffs and lose their first playoff game. In. That's not the Lubbock pessimism me coming out. That's just what I see. But. Man has drew Brees had harder time of recent memory. I don't think so. And so the boys got to get up and watch a lot of the fourth quarter. How that thing came down. And I can tell you this. I'm in debt to the boys right now, at least they think in their own dead. I'm in debt to them for an Amari Cooper jersey. And the what they say Vander, then then then then then Dir been vent that van guy in they mean bender hitch in they want the jersey. It's expensive being the Cowboys fan, mentally emotionally and financially. It's just expensive. What's not expensive is for you to pass this podcast along your friends, and tell them that you hang out on the other side, Texas, which bring you the best content here. And that includes as we close out for our friend Dr Gavin Clark's in for coming on the show a whole host of interviews throughout the week. And we'll continue to bring that to you right here. You can check us out at OS TX show on Twitter other side, Texas on Facebook and other side, Texas dot com..

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Charles Perry, Texas, Cowboys discussed on Other Side of Texas

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