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I remember the audience moving and swaying and going along with it. If you know what. I mean you know so you could move that audience. Pick them up two inches to the left. Put him back down whatever she wanted. Absolutely and while it wasn't a political club by design politics found its way into rainbow. Sign reaching impressionable. Young girls like kamala harris in nineteen seventy one congresswoman shirley. Chisholm paid a visit while she was exploring a run for president. Talk about strength. Unbought an unbiased just as her campaign slogan promised. Here's cheetham announcing her. Run in one thousand nine hundred ninety two. I spend before you today. I candidate for the democratic nomination for the presidency of the united states of america. I am not a candidate of black america. Although i am black and proud. I am not a candidate of the women's movement of this country although i am a woman and i'm equally proud of that. It was so important for that kind of support in both directions. Not only to help rainbow sign come into existence but also to have a place where iran dellums or shirley chisolm could come and talk to their constituents so it wasn't all one one sided if that makes sense rainbow needed them. They need it rain beside miss daisy woods. Jones who you heard from earlier use rainbow sign for political organizing to. It was here that she in a small group of other women founded that organization. We talked about proper black women organized for political action stabbing out of twelve women who were mondello for his initial wrongful. Congress decided that we wanted to create an ongoing a place where we could have african. American women engaged in the political process to be a voice at the table. And when we call the meeting at the rainbow sintus saying african american women who are interested in being engaged in the political process. Join us on. We expected thirty. Thirty five forty people and the result of that was I bet you assume hundred fifty three hundred women who showed up. We didn't know quite what to do that. Many women but it showed again what that place meant. It was the place to be. So what happened to this hub of artistic and intellectual and political energy. And how did it shape a young comma harris. That's after the break. Stay with us. What i to serlin woods and nigel poor. We make a podcast call ear hustling. You're hustle brings you the stories of inside prison and life after prison always told from the perspective of those who live it or six season just kicked off. You can listen for free and ear. Hustle s q dot com. Or wherever you get your podcast. You're taking him responsible for taking my way for migrants would if the people who are supposed to be committed to your children's safety are actually doing more harm than good do no harm from nbc news and wondering pulls back the curtain on a system so committed to protecting children that it can tear families apart in this week's episode. Melissa and dylan bright believe child. Protective services has moved on from their case and they try to do the same but when a cps worker comes to their door it's the beginning of the hardest of their lives. Much as i love that child who wasn't a hug in the world. That was going to make what was about to happen not happen. I want her to hug me. Not like go for the rest of eternity because i don't know when on hooker again search for do no harm wherever you're listening right now and subscribe we're back i'm sure mainly and this is into america and today we're going back in time through the doors place called rainbow sign a black cultural centre in berkeley california. A place that made an indelible impression on a little girl who go on to become vice. President elect calmly harris but like so many good things. Its existence short-lived rainbow sign opened. Its doors in one thousand nine hundred seventy one but just six years later it was gone. It's founders weren't able to raise the funds to buy that building on grove and the rent was just too high. But for people like desi woods jones the rainbow sign transcended that brief window of time. I asked her about that. And i wonder if the rainbow sign in its biggest idea would have meant was always more than just what was happening in the east bay. Oh i think so nothing. So many things thoroughly giving the rainbow. Cy shannon was really the genesis for a lot of other movements that sort of spurred up throughout the nation because again it was a comfortable place. It was a place where african americans knew that they had some control. Lashio leaders of state need is regionally. Came out of that place and of course are now beautiful. Young vice president-elect being kamla harris hey olive that exposure so there it is the rainbow sign then come harris. Now it's kind of amazing to realize the connections in fact the vice president elect is actually a member of disease organization. Dizzy has known her for years. I guess what i. I remember meeting calmly. She was probably at her twenties and she was activists in full but she. Her parents were part of that activism community in that energy. So been exposed to that. It'll it has to have a impact on who you become and how you live our vp. Kumble harris speak so fondly about the rainbow sign and is written in her memoir Just how it shaped terror as the young person with her mother and her sister and the warmth that she felt there. And i wonder when you see kamla harris now whether it's making her victory speech the first black woman. Vp right if you see a reflection of the rainbow sign.

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