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W around f hd two six four seven seven three three seven let's continue now with tom and delaware blue hens tom in delaware welcome to the bill cunningham show tom please go ahead how you doing cunningham i've taken some issue was some you repeatedly said that laura boarding is not torture and i think that's our you know i guess you might call it enhanced interrogation i believe i believe that it is what do you think american marines would torture recruits because because we know we know american marines waterboard their recruits yeah yeah i think it's not i think it's not in keeping with what christ taught the golden rule do unto others as what they would do as you would have them do what to you it's in no way keeping with that was so irrelevant number three persons water border who had vicious mass murderers it's no big deal to me i care about the two thousand american soldiers killed by the iranians in the past fifteen years in wars in iraq and afghanistan i kind of care about three thousand babies every day aborted so when we talk about twists and ourself into a pretzel about waterboarding three mass murderers fifteen years ago i don't care you are you've kept repeating that waterboarding is not torture not a big deal in your life whether khalid sheikh mohammed was waterboarded says something you think about i don't care no i'm not talking about khalid sheikh mohammed i'm talking about the fact that waterboarding is store joined the marines shouldn't do it to their recruit they do because it's not torture i disagree with that that's not a you know you're saying what marines do it so to have made that means just not torture but you've talked to somebody who's been aborted they'd probably tell you something different that's what i you know have you been waterboarding i wanna be waterboarded exactly that's why do you spend time worried about these things that are irrelevant.

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